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Volume 48, No. 6
B.C. Reg. 120/2005
The British Columbia Gazette, Part II
March 22, 2005

B.C. Reg. 120/2005, deposited March 18, 2005, pursuant to the TRANSPORTATION ACT [Section 87 (2) (f)]. Order in Council 316/2005, approved and ordered March 17, 2005.

On the recommendation of the undersigned, the Lieutenant Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, orders that section 4 (1) of the Transportation Act Regulation, B.C. Reg. 546/2004, is amended by adding the following paragraph:

(b.1) to the Telegraph Cove Road, being a private industrial road located approximately 20 km south of Port McNeill on Vancouver Island, commencing at the southern boundary of Rupert District Lot 348 (intersection of Beaver Cove Road and the Kilpala Main) and traveling northeastwards for a distance of 3.6 km through Rupert District Lot 2 and terminating at the western side of Rupert District Lot 350 (start of the 1.0 km public highway at Timber West's dry land sort).

— K. FALCON, Minister of Transportation; G. CAMPBELL, Presiding Member of the Executive Council.

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