Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which laws are on BC Laws?
  2. How current is the data on BC
  3. What is a consolidation?
  4. Is there a user guide available for the Table of Legislative Changes?
  5. How do I find the law I need?
  6. What does the green underlined text in some of the Acts signify?
  7. What is the "official" version of B.C. Statutes and Regulations?
  8. What do the dates at the top of an Act refer to?
  9. What do the dates at the top of a regulation refer to?
  10. What does repeal mean? What does spent mean?
  11. How can I find out if an Act has been repealed?
  12. Where can I find the text of a repealed Act?
  13. Where can I find the text of an Act or provision that says [Not in force]?
  14. How can I find out which provisions in an Act have been amended?
  15. How can I find out which Acts have been enacted or affected during a legislative session?
  16. Where can I find the wording of an Act prior to an amendment?
  17. Where can I find the wording of a Regulation prior to an amendment or repeal?
  18. Are government forms available on BC Laws?
  19. Are statutes and regulations protected by copyright?
  20. Can I print legislation from the website?
  21. How do I print an unofficial copy of a document?
  22. Can I purchase print copies of legislation?
  23. Can personal information published within BC Gazette Part I be removed?
  24. What other legislative material is available in print format?
  25. How do I obtain other government of British Columbia publications?
  26. Which browser is the site best viewed with?
  27. How can I create a bookmark link to an Act or regulation, and ensure the link will remain active?
  28. I am unable to view the site, what should I do?
  29. What is the Queen's Printer?
  30. What is Crown Publications, Queen's Printer?

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