B.C. Regulations Bulletin No. 17
May 24, 2016
B.C. Regs. 119 – 120 / 2016

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Order B.C. Reg. Deposit Date
  In Volume 59, No. 4 of The British Columbia Gazette, Part II, on page 295, in sections 7 (e) and 8 of B.C. Reg. 80/2016, the text that reads "An LNG permit holder" should read "An LNG facility permit holder".  
 Environmental Assessment Act
331/2016Enacts Exemption Regulation120/2016May 19, 2016
 Utilities Commission Act
M171/2016Amends B.C. Reg. 32/2009 — Mandatory Reliability Standards Regulation119/2016May 18, 2016

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