B.C. Regulations Bulletin No. 35
September 11, 2012

The links under "Order in Council No." are to scanned copies of the orders, in PDF format.
The links under "Reg. No." are to the regulations as published in Part II of the B.C. Gazette.

Order in
Council No.
 Reg. No.Deposit Date
 Evidence Act
M187/2012Designation Regulation No. 6, effective September 10, 2012262/2012September 7/12
 Fire Services Act
M189/2012Repealing B.C. Reg. 175/2006 — British Columbia Fire Code Regulation; British Columbia Fire Code Regulation, both effective December 20, 2012263/2012September 7/12
 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
597/2012Amending B.C. Reg. 229/2005 — Committees of the Executive Council Regulation259/2012September 5/12
 Local Government Act
M188/2012British Columbia Building Code Regulation, effective December 20, 2012264/2012September 7/12
 Offence Act
606/2012Amending B.C. Reg. 89/97 — Violation Ticket Administration and Fines Regulation260/2012September 7/12
 South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Act
607/2012Amending B.C. Reg. 87/99 — Greater Vancouver Transit Conduct and Safety Regulation261/2012September 7/12

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