B.C. Regulations Bulletin No. 19
May 22, 2012

The links under "Order in Council No." are to scanned copies of the orders, in PDF format.
The links under "Reg. No." are to the regulations as published in Part II of the B.C. Gazette.

Order in
Council No.
 Reg. No.Deposit Date
 BC Hydro Public Power Legacy and Heritage Contract Act
313/2012Amending B.C. Reg. 158/2005 — Heritage Special Direction No. HC2 to the British Columbia Utilities Commission104/2012May 22/12
 School Act
M120/2012Amending B.C. Regs. 52/2012 — Class Size and Compensation Regulation, effective July 1, 2012, and 53/2012 — Learning Improvement Fund Regulation, effective May 16, 2012103/2012May 16/12
 Utilities Commission Act
314/2012Direction No. 3 to the British Columbia Utilities Commission105/2012May 22/12

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