B.C. Regulations Bulletin No. 43
December 18, 2006

The links under "Order in Council No." are to scanned copies of the orders, in PDF format.
The links under "Reg. No." are to the regulations as published in Part II of the B.C. Gazette.

Order in
Council No.
 Reg. No.Deposit Date
 Assessment Act —
Assessment CommissionerAmending B.C. Reg. 226/86 — Telecommunications Corporations Valuation Regulation362/2006December 18/06
Assessment CommissionerAmending B.C. Reg. 218/86 — Railway, Pipeline, Electric Power and Telecommunications Corporation Rights of Way Valuation Regulation363/2006December 18/06
Assessment CommissionerAmending B.C. Reg. 217/86 — Electrical Power Corporations Valuation Regulation364/2006December 18/06
Assessment CommissionerAmending B.C. Reg. 203/86 — Railway and Pipeline Corporations Valuation Regulation365/2006December 18/06
 Forest Act —
927/2006Amending B.C. Reg. 578/2006 — Cut Control Regulation359/2006December 15/06
932/2006Amending B.C. Reg. 73/2003 — Duu Guusd Designated Area368/2006December 18/06
 Forest and Range Practices Act —
928/2006Amending B.C. Reg. 278/2001 — Fort St. John Pilot Project Regulation360/2006December 15/06
929/2006Transition Regulation361/2006December 15/06
 Local Government Act —
M268/2006Geotechnical Slope Stability (Seismic) Regulation, effective December 15, 2006358/2006December 14/06
 Statute Revision Act —
850/2006Ministry of Transportation Statutes Correction Regulation, 2006367/2006December 18/06
 Workers Compensation Act —
W.C.B.Superseding B.C. Reg. 374/2005 — Deemed amendments to Act resulting from changes to Consumer Price Index, effective January 1, 2007366/2006December 18/06

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