Provisions  in Force: Supplements to RSBC 1996

Note:   Supplements for which the entries have no details have been neither brought into force nor repealed, in whole or in part.
  "NIF" means Not in Force.


Acts and amendments that were enacted but not in force on December 31, 1996 were consolidated as Supplements to the Revised Statutes of British Columbia, 1996. Supplements bear the same chapter numbers as the statutes to which they relate. Amendments were renumbered and revised so that they fit the arrangement and style of the revised Act. In the Supplements, amendments that were originally enacted in a number of amending Bills appear as if those amendments had been enacted as a single amending Act.

If a regulation was passed before December 31, 1996 bringing provisions into force after that date, the commencement section of the Supplement reflects that information, and the document following will indicate it as, for example, "[per section 5 (1) of Supplement]".

Double proclamations:

In a few cases equivalent provisions were brought into force for pre-Revision and Revision statutes. This was necessary in those cases where provisions were brought into force between the date of consolidation (December 31, 1996) and the date on which the Revision came into force (April 21, 1997). These "double proclamations" are indicated as, for example, "[B.C. Reg. 135/97] section 7 of Supplement effective April 21/97, but equivalent provisions in SBC 1996, chapter 13 effective April 15/97".

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