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This Act is current to May 15, 2019
See the Tables of Legislative Changes for this Act’s legislative history, including any changes not in force.

Music Teachers (Registered) Act

[RSBC 1996] CHAPTER 327

2Association continued as a corporation
3Objects of the association
4Members of the association
5Power to acquire property
6Provincial council
8Bylaws of the association
9Board of examiners
10Benevolent fund


1   In this Act, "association" means the British Columbia Registered Music Teachers' Association.

Association continued as a corporation

2   The British Columbia Registered Music Teachers' Association is continued as a corporation.

Objects of the association

3   The objects of the association are

(a) to raise the standard of the profession of music teaching in British Columbia, and

(b) to promote the interests of music teachers in British Columbia.

Members of the association

4   The members of the association are those persons who are members or become members in accordance with this Act.

Power to acquire property

5   The association may acquire and hold property for its corporate purposes and may dispose of it or any part of it.

Provincial council

6   (1) The affairs of the association are to be managed by the Provincial council.

(2) The members of the Provincial council must be elected and hold office in accordance with the bylaws of the association.


7   (1) The association may establish branches in British Columbia.

(2) Until otherwise determined by the Provincial council, the branches of The British Columbia Music Teachers' Association are branches of the association.

(3) The constitution and bylaws of each branch, as in force on April 3, 1947, so far as consistent with this Act, continue to be the constitution and bylaws of the branch until altered under this Act.

(4) A branch may make bylaws, consistent with this Act and the bylaws of the association, for conducting its own affairs.

Bylaws of the association

8   (1) The Provincial council may make bylaws for all purposes relating to the affairs, business, property and objects of the association.

(2) Without limiting subsection (1), the power of the Provincial council to make bylaws extends to the following matters:

(a) admission of persons as members of the association and the qualifications required for admission;

(b) examination of applicants for membership;

(c) registration of members and the issue of registration certificates;

(d) appointment, functions, duties and removal of officers or servants of the association and their remuneration, if any;

(e) times and places for the purpose of electing officers;

(f) conduct of meetings, including the manner in which voting must be conducted;

(g) establishment and dissolution of branches;

(h) relationship of branches to the association, including the basis on which branches must contribute to the funds of the association and the basis on which members of branches are to be deemed to be members of the association;

(i) number of members of which the Provincial council consists;

(j) representation of branches on the Provincial council;

(k) term of office of members of the Provincial council;

(l) conduct of the election of members of the Provincial council;

(m) determination of the registration fees and the annual fee to be paid by members and their collection;

(n) suspension and expulsion of members and the removal of the names of expelled members from the register;

(o) conduct generally of the affairs of the association.

(3) A bylaw, amendment to a bylaw or repeal of a bylaw under this section takes effect when it is ratified by at least 2/3 of the members of the association who vote in a process determined by the Provincial council.

Board of examiners

9   (1) There must be a board of examiners for conducting examinations of applicants for membership.

(2) The board of examiners consists of 3 persons, of whom 2 are to be appointed by the Provincial council and one by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

(3) The remuneration, if any, of the board of examiners must be paid by the association.

Benevolent fund

10   (1) The association may establish and administer a benevolent fund for a member or the family of a deceased member of the association who may require financial assistance and for that purpose may provide for contributions to be made by members.

(2) Each branch of the association may likewise establish and administer a benevolent fund for that branch.


11   (1) A person registered as a member of the association is entitled, so long as the person's name remains on the register, to use the designation "Registered Music Teacher" or the abbreviation "R.M.T.".

(2) A person who is not registered as a member of the association commits an offence if the person

(a) assumes the designation "Registered Music Teacher" or uses the abbreviation "R.M.T." or represents that the person is a registered music teacher, or

(b) by false or fraudulent declaration or statement attempts to procure registration under this Act.

(3) A person who commits an offence under subsection (2) is liable on conviction to a fine of not less than $5 and not more than $25.