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This Act is current to June 12, 2019
See the Tables of Legislative Changes for this Act’s legislative history, including any changes not in force.

Ministry of Intergovernmental Relations Act

[RSBC 1996] CHAPTER 303

1Ministry of Intergovernmental Relations
2Deputy minister
3Purposes and functions of the ministry
4Agreements with other governments

Ministry of Intergovernmental Relations

1   (1) There is to be a ministry of the public service of British Columbia called the Ministry of Intergovernmental Relations.

(2) The minister is to preside over the ministry and be responsible to the Lieutenant Governor in Council for the direction of the ministry.

Deputy minister

2   One or more deputy ministers of the ministry may be appointed under the Public Service Act.

Purposes and functions of the ministry

3   The purposes and functions of the ministry include the duty

(a) to coordinate the activities of, to make recommendations to, and to develop programs and policies for the Executive Council in relation to federal-provincial, interprovincial and extraprovincial affairs, and

(b) to act as secretariat to the Executive Council and its committees and to coordinate policy development among the ministries.

Agreements with other governments

4   With the approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, the minister on behalf of the government may enter into agreements with the government of Canada, the government of a province or an agent of the government of Canada or a province.


5   [Repealed 2000-23-47.]