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B.C. Reg. 63/88
O.C. 268/88
Deposited February 18, 1988
effective April 1, 1988

Environmental Management Act

Hazardous Waste Regulation

Note: Check the Cumulative Regulation Bulletin 2015 and 2016
for any non-consolidated amendments to this regulation that may be in effect.

[includes amendments up to B.C. Reg. 63/2009, April 1, 2009]

Part 1 — Interpretation and Application
Part 2 — Minimum Siting Standards for All Hazardous Waste Facilities
 3Siting standards
Part 3 — Operational Requirements for All Hazardous Waste Facilities
 5Waste information
 6Waste record
 7Weather protection
 8Access security
 9Prevention of fire, explosion and accidental reactions
 10Spill protection and reporting
 11Contingency plan
 12Emergency systems testing
 13Personnel training
Part 4 — Additional Requirements
 Division 1 —  Recycle Facilities
 15Operational requirements
 Division 2 —  Storage Facilities
 16Operational requirements
 17Performance standards
 17.1Additional requirements for storage of PCB wastes
 Division 3 —  Requirements For Treatment Facilities
 18Operational requirements
 19Performance standards
 Division 4 —  Requirements for Incinerators and Thermal Facilities
 20Operational requirements
 21Performance standards
 Division 5 —  Mobile Facilities
 22Siting requirements
 23Operational requirements
 24Performance standards
 Division 6 —  Secure Landfills
 24.1Permit requirement
 25Siting requirements
 26Operational requirements
 27Performance standards
 Division 7 —  Waste Piles, Surface Impoundments and Land Treatment Facilities
 28Siting requirements for waste piles, surface impoundments and land treatment facilities
 29Operational requirements for waste piles, surface impoundments and land treatment facilities
 30Performance standards for waste piles
 31Performance standards for surface impoundments
 32Performance standards for land treatment
 Division 8 —  Disposal in a Secure Building
 33Siting requirements
 34Operational requirements
 35Performance standards
Part 5 — Prohibited Management Practices
 36Mixing and dilution
 37Underground injection
 38Floating facilities
Part 6 — Management of Specific Hazardous Wastes
 39.1Non-application of other Parts
 40Management of waste asbestos
 41Waste oil
 41.1Hydrocarbon contaminated soil
 42Pest control product wastes and containers
 42.1Waste paint
 42.2Collection and storage of household hazardous waste
 42.3Requirements for establishment and operation of a return collection facility
 42.4Operating requirements for a return collection facility
Part 7 — Administrative Requirements
 43Registration of hazardous waste
 44Provincial identification number
 45Licence to transport
 45.1Classification of hazardous waste
 46Manifest requirements
 47Loads from multiple consignors
 47.1Multiple carrier shipments
 47.2Shipments of multiple different wastes
 48Storage of hazardous waste
 49Analytical methods
Part 8 — Containers for Hazardous Waste
 50Storage and transportation
Part 9 — Specific Exemptions
 51Application for change in requirements
 52Hazardous wastes from accidental spills or abandonment
Part 10 — Transitional Provision
 54Transition — hazardous waste storage permits
Schedule 1
Schedule 1.1
Schedule 1.2
Schedule 2
Schedule 3
Schedule 4
Schedule 5
Schedule 6
Schedule 7
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