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B.C. Reg. 375/96
O.C. 1480/96
Deposited December 16, 1996
effective April 1, 1997
This consolidation is current to February 13, 2018.
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Environmental Management Act

Contaminated Sites Regulation

[includes amendments up to B.C. Reg. 253/2016, November 1, 2017]

Schedule 3

[en. B.C. Reg. 201/2007, s. 6; am. B.C. Regs. 341/2008, s. 2; 253/2016, s. 16.]

Table 1: Fees for Site Profiles and Information

1Site Profiles
Person provides a site profile to an approving officer or municipality$100
2Information Obtained by Accessing Computer-based Site Registry
 (a)(i)Person queries the computer-based site registry by a site identification number.$10*
(b)(i)Person queries the computer-based site registry by a Land Title Parcel Identifier (PID), Crown Land Parcel Identification Number (PIN), or Crown Lands file number$25*
(ii)Person accesses a computer-based site registry site synopsis report$25*
(c)(i)Person queries the computer-based site registry by address$50*
(ii)Person accesses a computer-based site registry site details report$50*
(iii)Person queries the computer-based site registry by geographic area within 0.5 km radius of a specific latitude and longitude$50*
(d)Person queries the computer-based site registry by geographic area within 5.0 km radius of a specific latitude and longitude$100*
(e)Person requests assistance of a government employee to perform a computer-based site registry query$10
(f)Person requests the site registrar to prepare a custom report of computer-based site registry information$500 plus $100/hour for time
required beyond 3 hours to
prepare the information
(g)Person requests the custom report described in (f) above to be regularly updated and provided by the site registrar$200 per updated report
3Information Obtained by Accessing Other Computer-based Records
Person requests information about a single site by a search of computer-based records in databases, including but not limited to databases for wastes, hazardous wastes and spills$100 per database
* In addition to a fee marked by an asterisk, a further operator fee of $1.00 may be charged for any transaction done by electronic means from a location outside a government office or at a government office by a person who is not a government employee.

Table 2: Fees for Services and Functions Provided Directly by the Ministry or Persons on Behalf of the Ministry

Action or Activity
1Determination of Contaminated Site
  Person requests a determination whether a site is a contaminated site$3 000
2Reviews of Reports, Plans and Covenants
 (a)Review of a preliminary site investigation report$5 000
 (b)Review of a detailed site investigation report$15 000
 (c)Review of a remediation plan which does not include a human health risk assessment and/or environmental risk assessment report$12 000
 (d)Review of a remediation plan which includes a human health risk assessment and/or environmental risk assessment report$20 000
 (e)Review of a confirmation of remediation report$7 000
 (f)Review of a covenant prior to registering$6 000
 (g)Review of a human health risk assessment and/or environmental risk assessment report not included in a remediation plan$10 000
 (h)Review of a summary of site condition$2 000
3Agreements and Indemnifications
 (a)Contaminated soil relocation agreement$2 000
 (b)Person requests a voluntary remediation agreement$4 000
 (c)Person requests a transfer agreement under Part 5 of the Act$4 000
 (d)Person requests indemnification for a site under the Financial Administration Act$8 000
4Approvals, Certificates and Orders
 (a)Approval in principle for a remediation plan$3 000
 (b)Certificate of compliance$6 000
 (c)Additional fee for an approval in principle or certificate of compliance if a person is ordered by a director to investigate or remediate a site$12 000
5Background, Site-specific Standards, Wide Area Sites
 (a)Person requests review of background substance concentrations for a site under section 11, 17 or 18$3 000
 (b)Person requests review of proposed site-specific standards for a site under section 11 or 17$4 000
 (c)Person requests designation of an area as a wide area site$10 000
6Minor Contributor Determination
  Person requests a determination as to a person's minor contributor status$2 000
7Allocation Panel
 (a)Person requests the appointment of an allocation panel$2 000
 (b)Person requests an allocation panel opinion and an allocation panel carries out work and provides an opinion$1 000 per panel member per day

Table 3: Additional Services and Functions

Action or Activity

Additional Services and Functions
1A person, on behalf of the ministry, inspects, monitors and verifies for remediation or an approval in principle, certificate of compliance, voluntary remediation agreement, transfer agreement, indemnification request or application, contaminated soil relocation agreement, or contaminated sites compliance or enforcement investigation
2A person, on behalf of the ministry, consults, negotiates or provides advice with respect to a specific site regarding any
 • analytical method for contaminated sites
 • approval in principle
 • certificate of compliance
 • confirmation of remediation
 • covenant under section 219 of the Land Title Act
 • determination of contaminated site under section 44 of the Act
 • environmental risk assessment
 • external contract review carried out under section 10
 • human health risk assessment
 • implementation of remediation
 • indemnification under the Financial Administration Act
 • independent remediation
 • ministry contaminated sites guidance
 • ministry contaminated sites policy, procedure or protocol
 • minor contributor status provision or designation
 • notification for the migration or likely migration of a substance to a neighbouring site
 • order for public consultation or review under section 52 of the Act
 • pollution prevention order or pollution abatement order issued under Part 7 of the Act
 • providing for appointment or opinion of an allocation panel
 • remediation order
 • security, including the posting of security
 • site investigation
 • site profile
 • site registry requirement
 • soil relocation
 • standard, criterion or protocol
 • summary of site condition
 • transfer agreement under Part 5 of the Act
 • voluntary remediation agreement
 • wide area site planning or designation
 • other provision of Part 4 or 5 of the Act

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