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B.C. Reg. 24/2020
Chief Electoral Officer
Deposited February 19, 2020
This consolidation is current to April 7, 2020.
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Election Act

Leadership Contestant Financing Reports Regulation

2Additional information to be included in leadership contestant financing report
3Classes of contestant expenses


1   In this regulation, "Act" means the Election Act.

Additional information to be included in
leadership contestant financing report

2   For the purposes of section 211 (2) (f) of the Act, a leadership contestant financing report must include the following information:

(a) the name of the political party the leadership contestant sought to lead;

(b) the dates on which the leadership contest started and ended;

(c) for each fundraising function held by or on behalf of the leadership contestant, details about income not reported as contributions, including the number of tickets sold and the charge per ticket;

(d) details about income received by the leadership contestant.

Classes of contestant expenses

3   For the purposes of section 211 (3) of the Act, the contestant expenses incurred by or on behalf of a leadership contestant must be reported according to the following classes:

(a) accounting and audit services;

(b) the following classes of advertising:

(i) commercial canvassing in person, by telephone or by mobile device;

(ii) newspapers and periodicals;

(iii) promotional materials, including newsletters, brochures, buttons and novelty items;

(iv) radio;

(v) search engine marketing and optimization;

(vi) signs;

(vii) social media;

(viii) television;

(ix) website displays;

(x) other forms of advertising;

(c) bank charges;

(d) conventions, workshops and meetings;

(e) donations and gifts;

(f) fundraising functions;

(g) furniture and equipment;

(h) interest expense;

(i) net losses arising from fundraising functions;

(j) office rent, utilities, insurance and maintenance;

(k) office supplies and stationery;

(l) personal contestant expenses paid by the leadership contestant;

(m) personal contestant expenses paid or reimbursed from the account referred to in section 177 (2) (b) of the Act for the leadership contestant;

(n) postage and courier;

(o) professional services;

(p) research and data, including election surveys and polls;

(q) salaries and benefits;

(r) social functions;

(s) subscriptions and dues;

(t) telecommunications and information technology;

(u) transfers, referred to in section 180 (6) of the Act, made by the leadership contestant;

(v) travel;

(w) other contestant expenses.

[Provisions relevant to the enactment of this regulation: Election Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 106, s. 283.]