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B.C. Reg. 180/90
O.C. 867/90
Deposited June 8, 1990
effective August 1, 1990
This consolidation is current to May 26, 2020.
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Park Act

Park, Conservancy and
Recreation Area Regulation

[includes amendments up to B.C. Reg. 210/2018, October 17, 2018]

Schedule B

[en. B.C. Reg. 192/2005; am. B.C. Regs. 126/2006; 215/2006, Sch. s. 12; 99/2007; 196/2008; 84/2009.]

Use of Hunting Weapons in Parks,
Conservancies and Recreation Areas

Adams Lake Marine Park
Akamina-Kishinena Park
Alty Conservancy
Anarchist Protected Area
Anhluut'ukwsim Laxmihl Angwinga'asanskwhl Nisǥa'a [Nisǥa'a Memorial Lava Bed Park]
Anstey-Hunakwa Park
Arctic Pacific Lakes Park
Arrowstone Park
Atlin Park
Atlin Recreation Area
Atna River Park
Babine Lake Marine Park
Babine Mountains Park
Babine Mountains Trails
Babine River Corridor Park
Banana Island Park
Banks Nii Luutiksm Conservancy
Bear Island Conservancy
Bearhole Lake Park
Bearhole Lake Protected Area
Beatton River Park
Bedard Aspen Park
Bella Coola Estuary Conservancy
Big Creek Park
Bishop Bay — Monkey Beach Conservancy
Bishop Bay — Monkey Beach Corridor Conservancy
Bishop River Park
Bligh Island Marine Park
Blue Earth Lake Park
Blue River Black Spruce Park
Blue River Pine Park
Bobtail Mountain Park
Bocock Peak Park
Bodega Ridge Park
Bonaparte Park
Boothman's Oxbow Park
Border Lake Park
Boulder Creek Park
Bowron Lake Park (addition)
Boya Lake Park
Brent Mountain Protected Area
Brim River Hot Springs Protected Area
Brooks Peninsula Park
Browne Lake Park
Bugaboo Park
Bulkley Junction Park
Burnie River Protected Area
Burns Lake Park
Burnt Bridge Creek Conservancy
Buse Lake Protected Area
Butler Ridge Park
Caligata Lake Park
Callaghan Lake Park
Calvert Island Conservancy
Cape Scott Park
Cariboo Mountains Park
Cariboo River Park
Carmanah Walbran Park
Carp Lake Park
Carter Bay Conservancy
Cascade Recreation Area
Cascade-Sutslem Conservancy
Catala Island Marine Park
Cathedral Park
Cathedral Protected Area
Catto Creek Conservancy
Cetan/Thurston Bay Conservancy
Chase Park
Chasm Park
Chilliwack Lake Park
Chu Chua Cottonwood Park
Chukachida Protected Area
Churn Creek Protected Area
Cinnemousun Narrows Park
Claud Elliott Lake Park
Clayoquot Arm Park
Clayoquot Plateau Park
Clayton Falls Conservancy
Clendinning Park
Close-To-The-Edge Park
Close-To-The-Edge Protected Area
Clyak Estuary Conservancy
Codville Lagoon Conservancy
Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area
Cornwall Hills Park
Crab Lake Conservancy
Craig Headwaters Protected Area
Cranstown Point Conservancy
Cummins Lakes Park
Cummins River Protected Area
Daawuuxusda Conservancy
Dahl Lake Park (addition)
Dala-Kildala Rivers Estuaries Park
Dall River Old Growth Park
Damaxyaa Conservancy
Damdochax Protected Area
Darke Lake Park
Dawley Passage Park
Dean River Conservancy
Dean River Corridor Conservancy
Denetiah Corridor Protected Area
Denetiah Park
Denison-Bonneau Park
Desolation Sound Marine Park
Duck Lake Protected Area
Dune Za Keyih Park
Dune Za Keyih Protected Area
Dunn Peak Protected Area
Duu Guusd Conservancy
Dzawadi/Klinaklini Estuary Conservancy
Dzawadi/Upper Klinaklini River Conservancy
Eagle Bay Park
Eakin Creek Canyon Park
Eakin Creek Floodplain Park
E.C. Manning Park (Snass Creek addition)
Ecstall Headwaters Conservancy
Ecstall-Sparkling Conservancy
Ecstall-Spoksuut Conservancy
Ed Bird-Estella Park
Edge Hills Park
Ekwan Lake Protected Area
Elephant Hill Park
Elk Lakes Park
Elk Valley Park
Ellerslie — Roscoe Conservancy
Emar Lakes Park
Emily Lake Conservancy
Enderby Cliffs Park
Eneas Lakes Park
English Lake Park
Entiako Park
Entiako Protected Area
Epper Passage Park
Epsom Park
Erg Mountain Park
Eskers Park (Taginchil Lake addition)
Esté-tiwilh/Sigurd Creek Conservancy
Ethelda Bay — Tennant Island Conservancy
Europa Lake Conservancy
Evanoff Park
Exchamsiks River Protected Area
Finger-Tatuk Park
Finlay-Russel Park
Finlay-Russel Protected Area
Finn Creek Park
Fintry Protected Area
Fiordland Conservancy
Flat Lake Park
Flores Island Park
Foch-Gilttoyees Park
Foch-Gilttoyees Protected Area
Fort George Canyon Park
Forward Harbour/ƛǝxwǝyǝm Conservancy
Foster Arm Protected Area
Francois Lake Park
Francois Lake Protected Area
Fraser River Park
Gibson Marine Park
Gilnockie Park
Gilpin Grasslands Park
Giscome Portage Trail Protected Area
Gitnadoiks River Park
Gitnadoiks River Protected Area
Gitxaała Nii Łuutiksm/Kitkatla Conservancy
Gladstone Park
Goat Cove Conservancy
Goat Range Park
God's Pocket Marine Park
Goguka Creek Protected Area
Gold Muchalat Park
Goose Bay Conservancy
Graham-Laurier Park
Granby Park
Graystokes Park
Great Glacier Park
Greenbush Lake Protected Area
Greenstone Mountain Park
Gunboat Harbour Conservancy
Gwillim Lake Park (addition)
Hai Lake-Mount Herman Park
Hakai Conservation Study Area
Hakai Lúxvbálís Conservancy
Hamber Park
Harbour-Dudgeon Lakes Park
Harry Lake Aspen Park
Hay River Protected Area
Heather-Dina Lakes Park
Height of the Rockies
Hǝnʎǝmdzi Mǝkola/Yorke Island Conservancy
Hesquiat Lake Park
Hesquiat Peninsula Park
High Lakes Basin Park
Hole-in-the-Wall Park
Holliday Creek Arch Protected Area
Homathko Estuary Park
Homathko River-Tatlayoko Protected Area
Horneline Creek Park
Hotsprings — No Name Creek Conservancy
Huchsduwachsdu Nuyem Jees/Kitlope Heritage Conservancy
Hunwadi/Ahnuhati — Bald Conservancy
I7loqaw7/100 Lakes Plateau Conservancy
Indian Arm Park
Inland Lake Park
Itcha Ilgachuz Park
Jackman Flats Park
Jackpine Remnant Protected Area
Jesse Falls Protected Area
Jump Across Conservancy
Junction Sheep Range Park
Kakwa Park
Kakwa Recreation Area
Kalamalka Lake Park (addition)
Kamdis Conservancy
K'distsausk/Turtle Point Conservancy
Kennedy Island Conservancy
Keremeos Columns Park
Khtada Lake Conservancy
Khutzeymateen Inlet Conservancy
Khutzeymateen Inlet West Conservancy
Khutzeymateen Park
Khyex Conservancy
Kianuko Park
Kikomun Creek Park
Kilbella Estuary Conservancy
Kimsquit Estuary Conservancy
Kingfisher Creek Park
Kiskatinaw River Park
Kitasoo Spirit Bear Conservancy
Kitimat River Park
Kitsumkalum Lake North Protected Area
Kitwanga Mountain Park
Klewnuggit Conservancy
K'lgaan/Klekane Conservancy
Klin-se-za Park
Klua Lakes Protected Area
Kluskoil Lake Park
K'Mooda/Lowe-Gamble Conservancy
K'nabiyaaxl/Ashdown Conservancy
Koeye Conservancy
Kokanee Glacier Park
K'ootz/Khutze Conservancy
Kotcho Lake Village Site Park
Ksgaxl/Stephens Island Conservancy
Ksi X'anmaas Conservancy
Ksi Xts'at'kw/Stagoo Conservancy
Kt'ii/Racey Conservancy
Ktisgaidz/MacDonald Bay Conservancy
Kts'mkta'ani/Union Lake Conservancy
Kunxalas Conservancy
K'waal Conservancy
Kwadacha Wilderness Park
Kwatna Estuary Conservancy
K'zuzált/Twin Two Conservancy
Lac du Bois Grasslands Park
Lady Douglas-Don Peninsula Conservancy
Lakelse Lake Wetlands Park
Larcom Lagoon Conservancy
Lava Forks Park
Lax Ka'Gaas/Campania Conservancy
Lax Kul Nii Luutiksm/Bonilla Conservancy
Lax Kwaxl/Dundas and Melville Islands Conservancy
Lax Kwil Dziidz/Fin Conservancy
Liard River Corridor Park
Liard River Corridor Protected Area
Liard River West Corridor Park
Little Andrews Bay Park
Lockhart Creek Park
Lockhart — Gordon Conservancy
Long Island Conservancy
Lower Nimpkish Park
Lower Raush Protected Area
Lower Skeena River Park
Lucy Islands Conservancy
Lundmark Bog Protected Area
Machmell Conservancy
Mahpahkum-Ahkwuna/Deserters-Walker Conservancy
Main Lake Park
Malaspina Park
Manzanita Cove Conservancy
Mara Meadows Park
Marble Range Park
Marble River Park
Marl Creek Park
Maxhamish Lake Protected Area
Maxtaktsm'aa/Union Passage Conservancy
McConnell Lake Park
McDonald Creek Park
Mehatl Creek Park
Milligan Hills Park
Moksgm'ol/Chapple — Cornwall Conservancy
Momich Lakes Park
Monashee Park (addition)
Monckton Nii Łuutiksm Conservancy
Monkman Park (addition)
Moose Valley Park
Morice Lake Park
Mount Assiniboine Park
Mount Blanchet Park
Mount Edziza Park
Mount Elphinstone Park
Mount Griffin Park
Mount Pope Park
Mount Richardson Park
Mount Robson Park (addition)
Mount Savona Park
Mud Lake Delta Park
Mudzenchoot Park
Muncho Lake Park
Muscovite Lakes Park
Myra-Bellevue Park
Myra-Bellevue Protected Area
Nadina Mountain Park
Nahatlatch Park
Nahatlatch Protected Area
Naikoon Park
Nalbeelah Creek Wetlands Park
Namu Conservancy
Namu Corridor Conservancy
Nang Xaldangaas Conservancy
Nanika-Kidprice Park
Nation Lakes Park
Nazko Lake Park
Nechako Canyon Protected Area
Neğiƛ/Nekite Estuary Conservancy
Netalzul Meadows Park
Nickel Plate Park
Nilkitwa Lake Park
Nimpkish Lake Park
Ningunsaw Park
Nlháxten/Cerise Creek Conservancy
Nooseneck Conservancy
North Spit Conservancy
North Thompson Islands Park
North Thompson Oxbows East Park
North Thompson Oxbows Manteau Park
Northern Rocky Mountains Park
Northern Rocky Mountains Protected Area
Nuchatlitz Park
Nunsti Park
Ñ'uuna Gwaay Conservancy
Octopus Islands Marine Park
Okanagan Mountain Park
Old Man Lake Park
Omineca Park
Omineca Protected Area
Oregon Jack Park
Outer Central Coast Islands Conservancy
Owikeno Conservancy
Owyacumish River Park
Pa-aat Conservancy
Painted Bluffs Park
Pałǝmin/Estero Basin Conservancy
Peace River Corridor Park
Pennask Creek Park
Penrose — Ripon Conservancy
Phillips Estuary/ɁNacinuxw Conservancy
Pillar Park
Pilot Bay Park
Pine Le Moray Park
Pine River Breaks Park
Pinecone Burke Park
Pink Mountain Park
Pitman River Protected Area
Pooley Conservancy
Porcupine Meadows Park
Port Arthur Conservancy
Portage Brule Rapids Protected Area
Premier Lake Park
Prophet River Hotsprings Park
Ptarmigan Creek Park
Ptarmigan Protected Area
Pukeashun Protected Area
Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Corridor Protected Area
Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Park
Purden Lake Park (addition)
Pyramid Creek Falls Park
Q'altanaas/Aaltanhash Conservancy
Quatsino Park
Qudǝs/Gillard — Jimmy Judd Island Conservancy
Qwalímak/Upper Birkenhead Conservancy
Qwiquallaaq/Boat Bay Conservancy
Rainbow Alley Park
Redfern-Keily Park
Rescue Bay Conservancy
Restoration Bay Conservancy
Roche Lake Park
Rubyrock Lake Park
Sanctuary Bay Conservancy
Sand Point Conservancy
Sandy Island Marine Park
Sçaay Taaw Siiwaay K'adjuu Conservancy
Scatter River Old Growth Park
Schoen Lake Park
Schoolhouse Lake Park
Seven Sisters Park
Seven Sisters Protected Area
Shearwater Hot Springs Conservancy
Sheemahant Conservancy
Shuswap Lake Marine Park
Shuswap River Islands Park
Sikanni Chief Canyon Park
Sikanni Chief Falls Protected Area
Sikanni Old Growth Park
Silver Star Park
Simpson Lake East Conservancy
Simson Park
Six Mile Hill Protected Area
Skagit Valley Park
Skeena Bank Conservancy
Skookumchuck Rapids Park
Sleeping Beauty Mountain Park
Slim Creek Park
Small River Caves Park
Smith River-Fort Halkett Park
Smithers Island Conservancy
Snowy Protected Area
Sooke Mountain Park
South Okanagan Grasslands Protected Area
South Texada Island Park
Spatsizi Headwaters Park
Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Park
Spipiyus Park
Spruce Lake Protected Area
St. Mary's Alpine Park
Stair Creek Conservancy
Stein Valley Nlaka'pamux Heritage Park
Stikine River Park
Stone Mountain Park
Strathcona Park (additions)
Stuart Lake Marine Park
Stuart Lake Park
Stuart River Park
Sue Channel Park
Sugarbowl-Grizzly Den Park
Sugarbowl-Grizzly Den Protected Area
Sulphur Passage Park
Sustut Park
Sustut Protected Area
Sutherland River Park
Sutherland River Protected Area
Swan Creek Protected Area
Swan Lake Kispiox River Park
Sydney Inlet Park
Syringa Park
Tahsish-Kwois Park
Takla Lake Marine Park — Takla West Site and White Bluff Site
Tantalus Park
Tatlatui Park
Tatshenshini-Alsek Park
Taweel Park
Tazdli Wyiez Bin/Burnie-Shea Park
Thinahtea North Protected Area
Thinahtea South Protected Area
Thorsen Creek Conservancy
Three Sisters Lake Park
Thulme Falls Conservancy
Thurston Bay Marine Park
Tlall Conservancy
Toad River Hotsprings Park
Todagin South Slope Park
Top of the World Park
Tranquil Creek Park
Trembleur Lake Park
Trepanier Park
Troup Passage Conservancy
Tsa-latl/Smokehouse Conservancy
Ts'ilɂos Park
Tsintsunko Lakes Park
Tunkwa Park
Tuya Mountains Park
Tweedsmuir Corridor Protected Area
Tweedsmuir Park
Ugwiwey/Cape Caution — Blunden Bay Conservancy
Ugwiwey/Cape Caution Conservancy
Uncha Mountain Red Hills Park
Upper Adams River Park
Upper Elaho Valley Conservancy
Upper Kimsquit River Conservancy
Upper Lillooet Park
Upper Raush Protected Area
Upper Rogers Kóḻii7 Conservancy
Upper Seymour Park
Upper Violet Creek Park
Valhalla Park
Vargas Island Park
Vaseux Protected Area
Wahkash Point Conservancy
Wakeman Estuary Conservancy
Wales Harbour Conservancy
Walhachin Oxbows Park
Wap Creek Park
Wapiti Lake Park
Ẁaẁley/Seymour Estuary Conservancy
Wells Gray Park
West Arm Park
West Twin Park
West Twin Protected Area
White Lake Grasslands Protected Area
White Pelican Park
White Ridge Park
Whiteswan Lake Park
Wilkinson-Wright Bay Conservancy
Windermere Lake Park
Winter Inlet Conservancy
Wire Cache Park
Woodworth Lake Conservancy
Woss Lake Park
Wrinkly Face Park
Yaaguun Gandlaay Conservancy
Yaaguun Suu Conservancy
Zumtela Bay Conservancy

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