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“Point in Time” Act Content


[SBC 2002] CHAPTER 28

NOTE: Links below go to act content as it was prior to the changes made on the effective date. (PIT covers changes made from September 6, 2000 to present)
1November 17, 2014
23January 1, 2017

  Section 1 definition of "vehicle" BEFORE amended by 2014-5-43, effective November 17, 2014 (BC Reg 200/2014).

"vehicle" includes a boat, ship, vessel, aircraft, train, railway car or equipment, motor vehicle, all terrain vehicle, trailer or other movable structure.

  Section 23 (3) (b) and (c) BEFORE amended by 2015-14-73, effective January 1, 2017 (BC Reg 261/2016).

(b) to more effectively bring a regulation under this section into operation and facilitate any transition from the operation of the Fish Inspection Act, the Meat Inspection Act or the Milk Industry Act to the operation of this Act and a regulation under this section,

(c) deeming licences, certificates or permits issued under the Fish Inspection Act, the Meat Inspection Act and the Milk Industry Act before the repeal of those Acts to be licences issued under this Act, and