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Local Government Act


Part 1 — Purposes and Interpretation
 1Purposes of this Act
 2Definitions and other interpretation rules
Part 2 — Incorporation of Municipalities and Regional Districts
 Division 1 — Municipal Incorporation Process
 3Incorporation of new municipality
 4Vote required for incorporation of new municipality
 5Procedure and costs for vote on incorporation
 6Incorporation of island municipality in Islands Trust area
 7Incorporation of municipality in conjunction with resource development
 8Incorporation of mountain resort municipality
 9Incorporation of reserve residents as village
 Division 2 — Classification of Municipalities
 10Classification of municipalities
 11Change of municipal classification
 Division 3 — Municipal Boundary Changes
 12Extension of municipal area
 13Reduction of municipal area
 14Reduction of municipal area in relation to final agreement respecting treaty lands
 15Redefinition of adjoining municipalities
 16Other redefinition of boundaries
 Division 4 — Specific Powers in Relation to Municipal Letters Patent
 17What must be included in letters patent incorporating a municipality
 18First election for municipality
 19First council and neighbourhood constituencies
 20First regular council meeting
 21Letters patent incorporating a municipality: other general powers
 22Additional powers where former municipality dissolved when new municipality incorporated
 23Letters patent for island municipality: additional powers
 24Letters patent for resource development municipality: additional powers
 25Letters patent for mountain resort municipality: additional powers
 26Letters patent for reserve village: additional powers
 27Authority for variation of proposed boundaries
 28Appointment of additional councillors if boundary extended
 29Establishment of property tax rate limits
 30Municipal revenue sharing
 31Establishment of local area service
 32Advisory body for municipality
 33Letters patent for municipality: additional powers
 Division 5 — Municipal Incorporation or Boundary Changes: Related Matters
 34Bylaws that apply to new municipality or extend to additional area
 35Interim corporate officer
 36Collection of taxes in relation to municipal boundary changes
 37Transfer of Provincial property tax money if rural land included in municipality
 38Dissolution of municipality
 39Rights and liabilities not affected by reissue of letters patent
 40Existing licences preserved
 Division 6 — Regional District Incorporation and Related Matters
 41Incorporation of new regional district
 42Extension of regional district boundaries
 43Regional district amalgamation, division and reorganization
 44Creation or restructure of municipality in regional district
 45Dissolution of community planning area or improvement district in regional district
 46Regional district letters patent and orders: additional powers
Part 3 — Electors and Elections
 Division 1 — General
 47Definitions in relation to this Part
 48Time not extended for voting days
 49This Act prevails in relation to use of information
 50Public notice by newspaper publication
 51Solemn declarations
 Division 2 — Arrangements for Elections
 52General local elections every 4 years
 53Municipal elections at large unless neighbourhood constituency established
 55Minister may arrange for election to be conducted
 56Election bylaws
 57Costs of elections
 Division 3 — Election Officials Appointment and Authority
 58Appointment of election officials
 59Chief election officer duties and powers
 60Presiding election official duties and powers
 61Keeping order at election proceedings
 62Adjournment of election proceedings
 63Exceptional assistance in election proceedings
 Division 4 — Electors and Registration of Electors
 64Who may vote at an election
 65Resident electors
 66Non-resident property electors
 67Rules for determining residence
 68When a person may register as an elector
 69Voting day registration only
 70Application for registration
 71How to register in advance
 72How to register as a resident elector at the time of voting
 73How to register as a non-resident property elector at the time of voting
 74Effect of registration
 75Register of electors
 76Provincial list of voters as register of resident electors
 77List of registered electors
 78Protection of privacy
 79Objection to elector registration
 80Resolving objections to registration
 Division 5 — Qualifications for Office
 81Who may hold office on a local government
 82Disqualification of local government employees
 83Only one elected office at a time in the same local government
 Division 6 — Nomination of Candidates
 84Nomination period
 85Notice of nomination
 86Nomination of candidates
 87Nomination documents
 88Nomination deposits
 89Nomination by delivery of nomination documents
 90Other information to be provided by candidate
 91Challenge of nomination
 Division 7 — Candidate Endorsement by Elector Organization
 92Candidate endorsement by elector organization may be included on ballot
 93Endorsement documents
 94Other information to be provided by elector organization
 95Withdrawal of endorsement on ballot
 96Challenge of elector organization endorsement
 Division 8 — Declaration of Candidates
 97Declaration of candidates
 98Declaration of election by voting or acclamation
 99Notice of election by voting
 100Appointment if insufficient number of candidates are elected
 Division 9 — Candidates and Representatives
 101Withdrawal, death or incapacity of candidate
 102Appointment of candidate representatives
 103Presence of candidate representatives at election proceedings
 Division 10 — Voting Opportunities
 104Voting opportunities for electors
 105Required general voting opportunities
 106Additional general voting opportunities
 107Required advance voting opportunities
 108Additional advance voting opportunities
 109Special voting opportunities
 110Mail ballot voting
 Division 11 — Arrangements for Voting
 111Voting places
 112Use of voting machines
 113Municipal voting divisions
 114Form of ballots
 115What must and must not be included on a ballot
 116Order of names on ballot
 117Order of names on ballot determined by lot
 118Ballot boxes
 Division 12 — Conduct of Voting Proceedings
 119Persons who must be present at voting places
 120Persons who may be present at voting places
 121Sealing of ballot boxes containing ballots
 122Time for voting extended
 Division 13 — Voting
 123Voting to be by secret ballot
 124Each elector may vote only once
 125Requirements before elector may be given a ballot
 126Challenge of elector
 127If another person has already voted under an elector's name
 128Replacement of spoiled ballot
 129How to vote by ballot
 130One person to a voting compartment
 131Persons needing assistance to mark their ballots
 132Persons unable to enter a voting place
 Division 14 — Counting of the Votes
 133When and where counting is to be done
 134Who may be present at counting
 135Who does the counting
 136Opening of ballot boxes
 137Combination of ballots for counting
 138Procedures for counting
 139Rules for accepting votes and rejecting ballots
 140Objections to the acceptance of a vote or the rejection of a ballot
 141Ballot account
 142Packaging of ballots
 143Delivery of election materials to chief election officer
 144Preliminary election results
 145Determination of official election results
 146Declaration of official election results
 147When elected candidates may take office
 Division 15 — Judicial Recount
 148Application for judicial recount
 149Judicial recount procedure
 150Results of judicial recount and orders as to costs
 151Determination of results by lot if tie vote after judicial recount
 152Runoff election if tie vote after judicial recount
 Division 16 — Declaration of Invalid Election
 153Application to court respecting validity of election
 154Hearing of application
 155Power of court on application
 156Legal costs of application
 157Status of elected candidate
 Division 17 — Final Proceedings
 158Report of election results
 159Publication of election results
 160Retention and destruction of election materials
 Division 18 — Election Offences
 161Vote buying
 163Other election offences
 164Prosecution of organizations and their directors and agents
 165Time limit for starting prosecution
 Division 19 — Orders and Regulations
 167Ministerial orders in special circumstances
 168Election regulations
Part 4 — Assent Voting
 Division 1 — General
 169Definitions in relation to this Part
 170Assent voting to be conducted in same manner as election
 171How assent of the electors is obtained
 Division 2 — Proceedings for Assent Voting
 172Who may vote at assent voting
 173Person may vote only once
 174General voting day for assent voting
 175Arrangements for assent voting
 176Notice of assent voting
 177Ballots for assent voting
 178When counting for assent voting is to be done
 179Special procedures if voting is conducted by more than one local government
 180Other general matters
 Division 3 — Scrutineers for Assent Voting
 181Scrutineers for the question and scrutineers against the question
 182Notice of applications to volunteer as scrutineer
 183Applications to volunteer to act as scrutineer for assent voting
 184Appointment of scrutineers for assent voting
Part 5 — Regional Districts: Purposes, Principles and Interpretation
 185Purposes of regional districts
 186Principles for regional district-provincial relations
 187Broad interpretation
 188Application of municipal provisions to regional districts
 189References to regional district officers
 190Continuation of regional districts
 191Continuation of regional parks and trails
 192Continuation of regulatory authority restrictions in relation to previous bylaws
Part 6 — Regional Districts: Governance and Procedures
 Division 1 — Regional Districts and Their Boards
 193Regional district corporations
 194Board as governing body
 195Area of jurisdiction
 Division 2 — Board Members
 196Composition and voting rights
 197Municipal directors: number of directors and assignment of votes
 198Appointment and term of office for municipal directors
 199Election and term of office for electoral area directors
 200Alternate directors: municipalities
 201Alternate directors: electoral areas
 202Oath or affirmation of office for board members
 203Resignation from office
 204Director disqualification for failure to attend meetings
 205Regional district directors: application of Community Charter
 Division 3 — Voting and Voting Rights
 206Voting to be in accordance with this Division unless other rules apply
 207General rules: voting on resolutions and bylaws
 208General rule: each director has one vote
 209Special rule: weighted voting on the administration and operation of services
 210Special rule: weighted voting on financial matters
 211Special rule: weighted voting for Metro Vancouver
 212Special rules in relation to Part 13 [Regional Growth Strategies]
 213Special rules in relation to Part 14 [Planning and Land Use Management]
 214Other special voting rules
 Division 4 — Board Chair and Committees
 215Chair and vice chair of board
 216Responsibilities of chair
 217Chair may require board reconsideration of a matter
 218Appointment of select and standing committees
 Division 5 — Board Proceedings
 219Regular and special board meetings
 220Calling of special board meetings
 221Electronic meetings and participation by members
 222Regulations establishing special rules for dealing with urgent issues
 223Minutes of board meetings and committee meetings
 224Meetings and hearings outside regional district
 225Procedure bylaws
 226Board proceedings: application of Community Charter
 Division 6 — Bylaw Procedures
 227Bylaw procedures: application of Community Charter
 228Bylaw adoption at same meeting as third reading
 Division 7 — Delegation of Board Authority
 229Delegation of board authority
 230Bylaw required for delegation
 231Delegation of hearings
 232Reconsideration of delegate's decisions
 Division 8 — Officers and Employees
 233Officers and employees for regional district
 234Officer positions
 235Chief administrative officer
 236Corporate administration
 237Financial administration
 238Oath of office for officers
 239Chair to direct and inspect officers and employees
 240Suspension of officers and employees
 241Termination of officer
 242Prohibition against interfering with regional district officials
 Division 9 — Local Community Commissions
 243Establishment of local community commissions
 244Requirement for assent of electors and inspector approval
 245Commission membership
 Division 10 — Other Matters
 246Giving notice to regional districts
 247Notice by regional district: obligation satisfied if reasonable effort made
 248Regional district records: application of Community Charter
 249Regulations to provide exemptions from Provincial approval requirements
Part 7 — Regional Districts: Treaty First Nation Membership and Services
 250Treaty first nation membership in regional district
 251Interpretation rules for applying this Act and the Community Charter in relation to treaty first nation membership
 252Regional district letters patent and treaty lands
 253Treaty first nation directors
 254Term of office of treaty first nation director
 255Alternate treaty first nation director
 256Treaty first nation electors for regional district services
 257Tax base, requisition and collection of funds for treaty lands
 258Tax base, requisition and collection of funds for treaty lands of taxing treaty first nations
 259Treaty first nations and regional district financing
 260Services to treaty first nation members
 261Services to treaty lands outside regional district
 262Non-member treaty first nation participation in regional district elections
Part 8 — Regional Districts: General Powers and Responsibilities
 Division 1 — General Powers
 263Corporate powers
 264Minister approval required for certain out-of-Province or out-of-country agreements
 265Inspector approval required for incorporation or acquisition of corporations
 Division 2 — Public Access to Records
 266Public access to regional district records
 267Disclosure of information relating to agreements that require elector approval or assent
 268Other public access requirements: application of Community Charter
 Division 3 — Approval of the Electors
 269Processes for obtaining approval of the electors
 270Approval of the electors: application of Community Charter
 Division 4 — Providing Assistance
 271Definition of "assistance"
 272Publication of intention to provide certain kinds of assistance
 273General prohibition against assistance to business
 274Exception for assistance under partnering agreements
 275Exception for assistance in relation to utilities or mountain resorts
 276Exception for heritage conservation purposes
 277Limitation on assistance by means of tax exemption
 Division 5 — General Property Powers
 278Reservation and dedication of land for public purpose: application of Community Charter
 279Control of Crown land parks dedicated by subdivision
 280Disposition of regional parks and trails
 281Exchange of park land: application of Community Charter
 282Power to accept property on trust
 283Plans respecting use of local government right of way
 284Authority to enter on or into property: application of Community Charter
 Division 6 — Disposing of Land and Improvements
 285Disposition of land and improvements
 286Notice of proposed disposition
 287Use of money from sale of land or improvements
 288Disposal of water systems, sewer systems and utilities
 Division 7 — Expropriation and Compensation
 289Expropriation power
 290Authority in relation to services
 291Entry on land to mitigate damage
 292Compensation for expropriation and other actions
 Division 8 — Other Powers
 293Board may seek regional district opinion
 294Incidental powers
 295Emergency powers
 296Additional powers and exceptions provided by regulation
Part 9 — Regional Districts: Specific Service Powers
 Division 1 — Building Regulation
 297Authority requires regional district service
 298Building regulation bylaws
 299Regional district may adopt national codes
 300Requirement for security
 301Regulating doors and emergency exits in public buildings
 302Building regulation: application of Community Charter
 Division 2 — Fire, Health and Hazard Protection
 303Special fire protection powers
 304Health protection authority
 305Remedial authority in relation to hazardous conditions
 Division 3 — Drainage, Sewerage and Related Matters
 306Special drainage and sewerage authority
 307Watercourse may be included in drainage system
 308Works for controlling drainage
 309Remedial authority in relation to drainage and dikes
 310Highway construction and dikes
 311Watercourse agreements between neighbouring jurisdictions
 312Requirements respecting drainage works
 313Appropriation of stream channel or bed
 314Authority subject to Water Act
 Division 4 — Waste Management
 315Management of solid waste and recyclable material
 316Authority in relation to waste disposal and recycling
 Division 5 — Regulation of Animals
 317Authority requires animal control service
 318General animal control powers
 319Dog licensing requirements
 320Animal pounds
 321Dangerous dogs
 322Peace officer authority in relation to dangerous dogs
 Division 6 — Noise, Nuisances and Disturbances
 323Authority requires regional district service
 324Noise control
 325Nuisances and disturbances
 326Fireworks restrictions
 Division 7 — Other Specific Service Powers
 327Removal and deposit of sand, gravel and other soil
 328Fire and security alarm systems
 329House numbering
 330Regulation of signs and advertising
 331Regional district irrigation services
Part 10 — Regional Districts: Service Structure and Establishing Bylaws
 Division 1 — General Service Powers
 332General authority for services
 333Consent required for services outside regional district
 334Services to public authorities
 335Authorities in relation to services other than regulatory services
 Division 2 — Referendums and Petitions for Services
 336Referendums regarding services
 337Petitions for electoral area services
 Division 3 — Establishing Bylaws for Services
 338Establishing bylaws required for most services
 339Required content for establishing bylaws
 340Special options for establishing bylaws
 341Special rules in relation to continuation of older services
 Division 4 — Approval of Establishing Bylaws
 342Approval of establishing bylaws
 343Responsibility for obtaining approval
 344Approval by assent of the electors
 345Approval by alternative approval process
 346Consent on behalf of municipal participating area
 347Consent on behalf of electoral participating area
 348Other procedural rules
 Division 5 — Changes to Establishing Bylaws
 349Amendment or repeal of establishing bylaws
 350Changes to participating and service areas
 351Amending bylaws that are needed for authority to borrow
 352Special provisions respecting service withdrawal
 Division 6 — Dispute Resolution in Relation to Services
 353Definitions in relation to this Division
 354Minister may appoint facilitators
 355Parties to a service review or service withdrawal
 356Costs of service review or service withdrawal
 357Initiating a service review
 358Other issues and services may be dealt with in one service review
 359Preliminary meeting
 360Negotiations to resolve issues
 361Initiating service withdrawal
 362Minister's direction on process
 363Addition of further initiating participants or further services
 364Early termination of process
 365Mediation in relation to service withdrawal
 366Arbitration in relation to service withdrawal
 367Initiating participant must respond to final resolution
 368Direction to further arbitration in certain cases
 369When final resolution becomes binding
 370Implementation of final resolution by bylaw
 371Failure to adopt required bylaws
 372Regulations respecting arbitrations
Part 11 — Regional Districts: Financial Management
 Division 1 — Financial Planning and Accountability
 373Fiscal year and accounting for services
 374Annual financial plan
 375Public process for development of financial plan
 376Annual reporting on regional district finances
 377Financial management: application of Community Charter
 Division 2 — Cost Recovery for Services
 378Options for cost recovery
 379Costs of services
 380Apportionment of costs
 381Cost sharing for services under Part 14 [Planning and Land Use Management]
 382Property under creditor protection may be excluded from apportionment
 383Valuation information and apportionment adjustments
 384Tax base for property value taxes
 Division 3 — Requisition and Tax Collection
 385Requisition of funds from municipalities
 386Collection in municipalities
 387Requisition of funds for electoral areas
 388Collection in electoral areas
 389Grants in place of taxes to be paid over to regional district
 Division 4 — Tax Rates and Exemptions
 390Variable tax rate system
 391Property tax exemptions
 392Exemptions for heritage properties
 393Repayment requirement in relation to heritage exemptions
 394Exemptions for riparian property
 395Repayment requirement in relation to riparian exemptions
 396Tax exemptions under partnering agreement
 Division 5 — Fees, Charges and Interest
 397Imposition of fees and charges
 398Interest calculation
 399Special fees and charges that are to be collected as taxes
 400Special fees and charges that are liens against property
 Division 6 — Expenditures and Liabilities
 401Limit on expenditures
 402Limit on borrowing and other liabilities
 403Borrowing and liability: application of Community Charter
 404Revenue anticipation borrowing
 405Short-term capital borrowing in relation to general administration
 406Regional district loan authorization bylaws
 407Participating area approval required for some loan authorization bylaws
 408Electoral participating area petition for borrowing
 409Temporary borrowing under loan authorization bylaw
 410Financing municipal undertakings
 411Security issuing bylaws
 412General liability provisions
Part 12 — Regional Districts: Bylaw Enforcement and Challenge of Bylaws
 Division 1 — Bylaw Enforcement and Related Matters
 413Bylaw enforcement: fines and other penalties
 414Ticketing for bylaw offences: application of Community Charter
 415Bylaw notices: application of Local Government Bylaw Notice Enforcement Act
 416Bylaw contraventions — offences and prosecutions
 417Additional sentencing powers in relation to Offence Act prosecutions
 418Authority to fulfill requirements at defaulter's expense
 419Inspections to determine whether bylaws are being followed
 420Enforcement by civil proceedings: application of Community Charter
 421Recovery of utility rates by legal remedy of distress
 422Scale of costs in relation to legal remedy of distress
 423Enforcement of bylaws in relation to discharge of firearms
 424Entry warrants: application of Community Charter
 Division 2 — Challenge of Bylaws and Other Regional District Instruments
 425Challenge of bylaws and other regional district instruments
Part 13 — Regional Growth Strategies
 Division 1 — Interpretation
 426Definitions in relation to this Part
 427Part also applies to amendment and repeal of regional growth strategy
 Division 2 — Application and Content of Regional Growth Strategy
 428Purpose of regional growth strategy
 429Content of regional growth strategy
 430Area to which regional growth strategy applies
 431Regulation requiring regional growth strategy
 Division 3 — Preparation and Adoption Procedures
 432Requirements for adoption
 433Initiation of regional growth strategy process
 434Consultation during development of regional growth strategy
 435Facilitation of agreement during development of regional growth strategy
 436Acceptance by affected local governments
 437Minor amendments to regional growth strategies
 438Resolution of anticipated objections
 439Resolution of refusal to accept
 440Settlement of regional growth strategy if acceptance not otherwise reached
 441Options for settlement process
 442General provisions regarding settlement process
 443Adoption of regional growth strategy
 444Requirement to adopt finalized regional growth strategy
 Division 4 — Effect of Regional Growth Strategy
 445Regional district must conform with regional growth strategy
 Division 5 — Regional Context Statements
 446Requirement for regional context statements in municipal official community plans
 447Content of regional context statement
 448Board acceptance of proposed regional context statement
 449Settlement of proposed regional context statement
 Division 6 — General
 450Intergovernmental advisory committees
 451Implementation agreements
 452Regular reports and review of regional growth strategy
 453Provincial policy guidelines
 454Minister may require official community plans and land use bylaws
Part 14 — Planning and Land Use Management
 Division 1 — General
 455Definitions in relation to this Part
 456Area of authority for municipalities and regional districts
 457Rural land use bylaws
 458Limit on compensation
 Division 2 — Responsibilities, Procedures and Authorities
 459Information that must be available to the public
 460Development approval procedures
 461Advisory planning commission
 462Fees related to applications and inspections
 463Withholding building permits and business licences that conflict with bylaws in preparation
 Division 3 — Public Hearings on Planning and Land Use Bylaws
 464Requirement for public hearing before adopting bylaw
 465Public hearing procedures
 466Notice of public hearing
 467Notice if public hearing waived
 468Posted notices respecting proposed bylaws
 469Delegation of public hearings
 470Procedure after public hearing
 Division 4 — Official Community Plans
 471Purposes of official community plan
 472Bylaw to adopt official community plan
 473Content and process requirements
 474Policy statements that may be included
 475Consultation during development of official community plan
 476Consultation on planning for school facilities
 477Adoption procedures for official community plan
 478Effect of official community plan
 Division 5 — Zoning Bylaws
 479Zoning bylaws
 480Adoption of municipal zoning bylaw
 481Restrictions on zoning authority in relation to farming
 482Density benefits for amenities, affordable housing and special needs housing
 483Housing agreements for affordable housing and special needs housing
 Division 6 — Development Approval Information Requirements
 484Development approval information
 485Development approval information areas or circumstances
 486Bylaw authority in relation to development approval information
 487Requirement to provide development approval information
 Division 7 — Development Permits
 488Designation of development permit areas
 489Activities that require a development permit
 490Development permits: general authority
 491Development permits: specific authorities
 Division 8 — Temporary Use Permits
 492Designation of temporary use permit areas
 493Temporary use permits for designated areas and other areas
 494Public notice and hearing requirements
 495Permit conditions: undertakings respecting land
 496Permit conditions: additional security requirements
 497Term of permit and renewal of permit
 Division 9 — Development Variance Permits
 498Development variance permits
 499Notice to affected property owners and tenants
 Division 10 — Other Permits and Permit Matters
 500Tree cutting permits in relation to areas affected by flooding or other hazards
 501General land use permit matters
 502Requirement for security as condition of land use permit
 503Notice of permit on land title
 504Permit lapses if relevant construction not substantially started
 505Transportation Act: permits in relation to development near controlled access highway
 Division 11 — Subdivision and Development: Requirements and Related Matters
 506Subdivision servicing requirements
 507Requirements for excess or extended services
 508Latecomer charges and cost recovery for excess or extended services
 509Completion of required works and services
 510Requirement for provision of park land or payment for parks purposes
 511Bylaws adopted after application for subdivision submitted
 512Minimum parcel frontage on highway
 513Requirement to provide land for new highway or widening existing highway
 514Subdivision to provide residence for a relative
 Division 12 — Phased Development Agreements
 515Definitions in relation to this Division
 516Phased development agreements
 517Term and assignment of phased development agreement
 518Process for phased development agreement bylaw
 519Amendments to phased development agreement
 520Subdivision approval for land subject to phased development agreement
 521Notice of phased development agreement on land title
 522Phased development agreement and other information that must be available for public inspection
 Division 13 — Other Land Use Regulation Powers
 523Runoff control requirements
 524Requirements in relation to flood plain areas
 525Off-street parking and loading space requirements
 526Regulation of signs
 527Screening and landscaping to mask or separate uses
 Division 14 — Non-conforming Use and Other Continuations
 528Non-conforming uses: authority to continue use
 529Non-conforming structures: restrictions on maintenance, extension and alteration
 530Restrictions on increasing non-conforming use of land
 531Restrictions on alteration or addition to building or other structure
 532Restrictions on repair or reconstruction of non-conforming structures
 533Non-conforming uses in relation to terminated land use contracts
 534Change in ownership, tenants or occupants in relation to use
 535Non-conforming use and subdivision in relation to expropriation of land
 Division 15 — Board of Variance
 536Requirement for board of variance
 537Board of variance for municipality or regional district
 538Joint board of variance
 539Chair and procedures for board of variance
 540Application for variance or exemption to relieve hardship
 541Notice of application for variance
 542Board powers on application
 543Exemption to relieve hardship from early termination of land use contract
 544Extent of damage to non-conforming use property
 Division 16 — Discharge and Termination of Land Use Contracts
 545Application to land use contracts under previous legislation
 546Amendment and discharge of land use contract
 547Termination of all land use contracts in 2024
 548Process for early termination of land use contract
 549Notice of termination
 550Discharge of terminated land use contract
 Division 17 — Regulation of Farm Businesses in Farming Areas
 551Agriculture minister may set standards for farm bylaws
 552Farming area bylaws
 553Authority and restrictions apply as declared by regulation
 554Three year review of zoning bylaws affecting farming areas
 555Intensive agriculture
 Division 18 — Contaminated Sites
 556Local government assessment of site profiles
 557Environmental Management Act requirements
 Division 19 — Development Costs Recovery
 558Definitions in relation to this Division
 559Development cost charges: imposition and collection
 560Inspector approval required for development cost charge bylaw
 561Circumstances in which development cost charges are not payable
 562General prohibition against waiving or reducing charges
 563Development for which charges may be waived or reduced
 564Amount of development cost charges to be specified in bylaw
 565Deductions from development cost charges
 566Use of development cost charges
 567Provision of park land in place of all or part of charge
 568Effect of bylaws adopted after application for rezoning, development permit or building permit submitted
 569Annual development cost charges report
 570Municipal development works agreements with private developers
 Division 20 — School Site Acquisition Charges
 571Definitions in relation to this Division
 572School site acquisition charge payable
 573Circumstances in which charge is not payable or is waived or reduced
 574Determination of eligible school site requirements
 575Setting school site acquisition charges
 576Application of charge or increase to in-process development
 577Provision of land in place of all or part of charge
 578No subdivision approval or building permit unless charge paid
 579Credit for previous contributions
 580Transfer of money and land to board of education
 581Regulations for this Division
 Division 21 — Provincial Authority
 582Provincial policy guidelines
 583Designation of resort regions
 584Ministerial override orders in the public interest
 585Ministerial regulations requiring bylaw approval
Part 15 — Heritage Conservation
 Division 1 — General
 586Definitions in relation to this Part
 587Regional district authority requires service
 588Limits on use of this Part
 589Limit on compensation
 590Bylaw and permit procedures
 591Ombudsperson review of local government decisions
 Division 2 — Notices under this Part
 592Giving notice to owners and occupiers
 593Posting notice on protected heritage property
 594Notice on land titles
 595Notice to heritage minister
 596Regulations regarding notices
 Division 3 — Heritage Review
 597Community heritage commissions
 598Community heritage register
 599Heritage recognition
 600Heritage inspection may be ordered
 601Entry authority for a heritage inspection
 602Impact assessment may be required
 603Local government requests for Provincial protection
 Division 4 — Temporary Protection
 604Withholding of approvals
 605Withholding of demolition permits until other approvals issued
 606Orders for temporary protection
 607Temporary protection by introduction of a continuing protection bylaw
 608Heritage control periods for temporary protection
 609Temporary protection
 Division 5 — Continuing Protection
 610Heritage revitalization agreements
 611Heritage designation protection
 612Heritage designation procedure
 613Compensation for heritage designation
 614Designation of heritage conservation areas
 615Permit requirements in relation to heritage conservation areas
 616Heritage site maintenance standards
 Division 6 — Heritage Alteration Permits
 617Heritage alteration permits
 618Terms, requirements and conditions in a heritage alteration permit
 Division 7 — Remedies and Offences
 619Civil remedies in relation to heritage property
 620Notice of contravention may be filed in land title office
 621Offences and penalties
Part 16 — Municipal Provisions
 Division 1 — Challenge of Municipal Bylaws and Other Municipal Instruments
 622Definition of "municipal instrument"
 623Court application to set aside bylaw or other instrument
 624Limitation period on application for declaratory order
 625Time restriction in relation to right of action on illegal instrument
 626Assessment or rate stands unless instrument set aside
 627Validity of council proceedings
 Division 2 — Licensing of Commercial Vehicles
 628Definitions in relation to this Division
 629Application of Division
 630Commercial vehicle licensing bylaw
 631Exemptions from licensing requirements
 632Licence plate must be displayed
 633Issue and transfer of licence plates
 634Term of licences
 635Fees to be paid to UBCM
 636Offences in relation to commercial vehicle licensing
 Division 3 — Regulation of Carriers
 637Regulation of carriers
 Division 4 — Municipal Irrigation Services and Drainage Works
 638Municipal irrigation services
 639District municipality drainage works
 Division 5 — Municipal Forest Reserves
 640Establishment of municipal forest reserve
 641Sale or lease of municipal forest reserve
 642Cutting and removal of timber from municipal forest reserve
 Division 6 — Municipal Taxation: Special Cases
 643Taxation of forest land
 644Taxation of utility company property
 Division 7 — Annual Municipal Tax Sale
 645Annual tax sale
 646Council may exempt Crown land from annual tax sale
 647Notice of annual tax sale
 648Municipality may bid at annual tax sale
 649Upset price for tax sale
 650Purchaser at annual tax sale
 651Purchaser to give authority to register tax sale title
 652Collector to provide certificate of sale
 653Tax sale of Crown land subject to an agreement to purchase
 654Provincial government may accept tax sale purchaser
 655Resale of land purchased by municipality at annual tax sale
 656Notice of tax sale must be filed in land title office
 657Owners must be given notice of tax sale and redemption period
 658Assessment and taxes during redemption period
 659Application of surplus from tax sale
 660Redemption by owner
 661Redemption payments by instalments
 662Notice of redemption to be filed in land title office
 663Registration of tax sale purchaser as owner
 664Refusal of registration
 665Effect of tax sale on rights of owners
 666Action by owner to have tax sale set aside
 667Court may reinstate taxes if sale set aside
 668Council authority to cancel sale in case of error
 669Restrictions on legal actions in relation to tax sale
 670Repossessed tax sale land
 671Procedure if purchaser under agreement for sale defaults
 672Redemption by municipality of land sold for Provincial taxes
Part 17 — Improvement Districts
 Division 1 — General
 673Definitions in relation to this Part
 674Giving notice to improvement districts
 Division 2 — Incorporation of Improvement Districts
 675Incorporation of improvement district: general rules
 676Incorporation of mountain resort improvement district
 677Notation on title of land in a mountain resort improvement district
 678Dissolution of water user's community or development district
 679Amendment of letters patent and reissue of letters patent
 680Dissolution of improvement district
 681Transition rules: dissolution, change in area, change in object
 682Additional letters patent and order powers
 Division 3 — Governance and Organization
 683Improvement district board of trustees
 684Election of improvement district trustees
 685Chair of improvement district board
 686Meeting procedure
 687Regulations in relation to improvement district meetings
 688First meeting of board in each year
 689Appointment of select and standing committees
 690Annual general meeting
 691Annual financial statements
 692Appointment of auditor
 693Officers and employees
 694Officer positions
 695Corporate administration
 696Financial administration
 Division 4 — Powers and Operations
 697General powers
 698Powers that must be exercised by bylaw
 699Process and registration requirements for bylaws
 700Subdivision servicing requirements
 701Requirements for excess or extended services
 702Latecomer charges and cost recovery for excess or extended services
 703Power to exercise rights under certain water licences
 704Power to expropriate water diversion licences and related works
 705General power to expropriate land and works
 706Renewal of works and related reserve funds
 707Appeal if improvement district refuses to provide services
 Division 5 — Taxes and Cost Recovery
 708Preparation of assessment roll
 709Notice of assessment
 710Court of revision for assessments
 711Tax collection on behalf of improvement district
 712Municipal collection of improvement district taxes
 713Payments to improvement district
 714Tax levy by improvement district
 715Tax notices
 716Lien for taxes and tolls
 717Interest on taxes
 Division 6 — Tax Sales
 718Tax sale for recovery of taxes
 719Board powers in relation to tax sale
 720Tax sale notice to affected owners and charge holders
 721Conduct of tax sale
 722Authority to register tax sale title
 723Registration of tax sale purchaser as owner
 724Application of surplus from tax sale
 725Tax sale of Crown land held under a mortgage or agreement for sale
 726Disposal of tax sale land by improvement district board
 Division 7 — Borrowing and Securities
 727Provision of sinking funds
 728Provincial guarantee of improvement district securities
 729Form of securities
 730Registration of securities
 Division 8 — Other Improvement District Matters
 731Improvement district property exempt from taxation
 732Protection from legal proceedings
 733Indemnification against proceedings
 734Appointment of receiver
Part 18 — Legal Proceedings in Relation to Local Governments and Other Authorities
 Division 1 — Legal Proceedings Against Municipality or Regional District
 735Limitation period for certain actions
 736Notice requirement respecting damages
 737Proceedings against municipality or regional district in relation to damages caused by others
 Division 2 — Immunities and Indemnities
 738Immunity for individual local public officers
 739Warning as defence for local government financial officer
 740Indemnification against proceedings for local government officials
 741Indemnification against proceedings for other local public officers
 742Immunity in relation to building bylaw enforcement
 743Immunity in relation to approval of certified building plans
 744Immunity in relation to certain nuisance actions
 Division 3 — Enforcement of Court Orders Against Municipality or Regional District
 745Writ of execution against municipality or regional district
 746Copy of writ of execution to be left with corporate officer
 747Local government officers as officers of the court for purposes of execution
 748Certain local government property exempt from seizure
 749Tax to be imposed if amount not paid by municipality
 750Payment of municipal amount levied
 Division 4 — Other Matters
 751Self-insurance by local authorities
 752Application of this Part in relation to the Nisga'a Final Agreement
 753Application of this Part to treaty first nations
Part 19 — General Matters and Provincial Authorities
 Division 1 — Certification of Senior Officials
 754Board of examiners
 755Powers of board
 756Board may make regulations
 757Application to City of Vancouver
 Division 2 — Inspector of Municipalities
 758Inspector of municipalities
 759Official seal and records
 760Certificate of approval for money bylaws
 761Inquiry into application for certificate
 762Appeal from inspector's decisions in relation to borrowing
 763Certificate conclusive of validity
 764Inquiries into local government matters
 765Additional inquiry authority in relation to regional districts
 Division 3 — Administrative Commissioner
 767Appointment of administrative commissioner
 768Substitution of commissioner
 769Acting commissioner
 770Powers transferred to commissioner
 771Power of commissioner to make bylaws
 772Powers of commissioner to borrow
 773Taxes for sinking fund purposes
 774Parcel tax rolls
 775Differences between commissioner and board of education
 776Commissioner reports to minister
 777Election after commissioner appointed
 778Restriction on legal proceedings
 779Regulations for purposes of this Division
 Division 4 — Other Provincial Authorities
 780Publication of letters patent
 781Further powers in relation to assets
 782Appeal to minister respecting construction of drains
 783Power to make regulations
Schedule – Definitions and Other Interpretation Matters
Revision Schedule