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B.C. Reg. 26/58
O.C. 1004/58

Motor Vehicle Act

Motor Vehicle Act Regulations

Note: Check the Cumulative Regulation Bulletin 2015 and 2016
for any non-consolidated amendments to this regulation that may be in effect.

[includes amendments up to B.C. Reg. 193/2015, November 1, 2015]

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 Division 1 — Interpretation
 1.01Prescribed date for motor vehicle related offence
 Division 2 — Application
 2.01Application in case of conflict
 2.02Removal in case of collision or breakdown
 2.03Determination of maximum vehicle width
 Division 3 — Display and Use of Number Plates
 3.011Attachment of number plates
 3.0111Application to off-road vehicles
 3.012Attachment of validation decal
 3.02Number plates in horizontal position
 3.021Vertical position permitted for motorcycles
 3.03Plates to be unobstructed
 3.04Transfer fee
 3.05Removal of number plates on transfer
 3.06Transfer by operation of law
 3.07Where owner cannot be located
 3.08Substitute vehicle
 3.09Disposal of number plates
 3.10Remission of fees
 3.11Fee adjustment on transfer
 3.12Number plates transferable only within class
 3.121Prohibition — vehicles regulated under Division 24
 3.13Classes of vehicles
 Division 4 — Lamps
 4.01Hours prescribed for lighted lamps
 4.02General lighting requirements
 4.03Mounting of lamps and reflectors
 4.04General maintenance
 4.06Multiple beam headlamps
 4.07Single beam headlamps
 4.08Daytime running lamps
 4.09Auxiliary driving lamps
 4.10Parking lamps
 4.11Fog lamps
 4.12Side-marker lamps
 4.13Turn signal devices
 4.14Cowl and fender lamps
 4.15Tail lamps
 4.16Licence plate lamp
 4.17Stop lamps
 4.18Backup lamps
 4.19Docking lamps
 4.20Lamps or flags on front and rear projections
 4.21Reflective devices
 4.22Clearance lamps
 4.23Identification lamps
 4.25Off-road lamps
 4.26Sequential lamps
 4.27Lighted signs and air deflectors
 4.28Flashing lamps
 4.29Implements of husbandry
 4.30Slow-moving vehicles
 Division 5 — Brakes
 5.01Brakes required
 5.02Stopping distances
 5.03Emergency or parking brakes
 5.04Vehicles exempted, brakes
 5.05Driver or operator to permit vehicle brake inspection on request
 5.06Brake tubing and hose adequacy
 5.07Brake connection adequacy
 5.08Brake lining
 5.09Brake fluid
 Division 6 — Brake Regulations Respecting Buses, Trucks,
Truck Tractors and Commercial Trailers
 6.01Special interpretation
 6.02Braking requirement
 6.03Two means of brake application required
 6.04Independent means of applying brakes
 6.05Parking brakes
 6.06Brakes required on all wheels
 6.07Breakaway and emergency braking
 6.08Bus brakes
 6.09Reduction of brake effort on front wheel permitted
 6.10Single valve to operate all brakes
 6.11Reservoirs required
 6.12Warning devices
 6.13Air brake system performance
 6.14Air brakes
 6.15Conflict between regulations
Schedule 6
 Division 7 — Other Equipment
 7.01Equipment required
 7.05Windshields and windows
 7.07Trailer connections and towed vehicles
 7.08Inspection of motor vehicles
 7.09Standards of safety and repair
 7.091Clearance height
 7.13Safety belts
 7.14Motorcycle handlebars
 7.16Sale of pneumatic tires
 7.161Defects in pneumatic tires
 7.162Winter tires
 7.17Warning devices
 Division 7.1 — Offences Against Minister's Standards
 Division 7A — Noise from Motor Vehicles
 Division 7B — Slow Moving Vehicles and Equipment
 7B.02Prohibition — driving
 7B.03Warning device
 7B.04Prohibition — display
 Division 7D — Manual Suspension Control Prohibition
 Division 8 — Equipment Kept for Sale
 8.01Motor vehicles
 8.03Lamp bulbs
 8.04Turn signals
 Division 9 — Record of Repairs
 9.01Record of repairs
 Division 10 — Commercial Passenger Vehicles
 10.03Standees in passenger vehicles
 10.04Passengers in business vehicles
 10.041Carriage of livestock or poultry
 10.051Application of federal construction standards
 10.06Vehicle construction
 10.10Emergency door
 10.11Emergency windows
 10.12Baggage and express
 10.13Ventilation and exhaust
 10.15Tool storage
 10.16Fuel tank
 10.17Rearview mirrors
 10.19Retreaded tires
 10.20Interior lamp
 10.21Towing by passenger vehicle
 10.22Spare and emergency equipment
 10.25Refuelling with passengers on board
 Division 11 — School Buses
 11.03School bus permit
 11.04Cancellation or suspension of school bus permits
 11.05School bus required
 11.06Passenger list required
 11.07Defective school bus not to be operated
 11.08Substitute vehicle
 11.09Pretrip inspection
 11.10Cleaning floors
 11.11Loading fuel
 11.12Boarding school bus
 11.13Seating capacity
 11.14School bus signs
 11.15National safety mark
 11.16Mechanical standards
 11.17Removal of "school bus" insignia on disposition of bus
 11.18Weight restrictions
 11.19Taxi cab
 Division 12
 Division 13
 Division 14 — Temporary Operation Permits
 14.01Temporary operation permit
 14.02Fees, without load
 14.03Fees, with load
 14.04Temporary operation permit for inspection
 Division 14A
 Division 15
 Division 16
 Division 17
 Division 18 — Enforcement of Rules of the Road
 18.01Parking prohibited at yellow curb
 Division 19 — Miscellaneous
 19.02Provisions of Commercial Transport Regulations adopted
 19.04Provisions of Commercial Transport Regulations adopted
 19.05Weight scales
 19.07Schedule 1 highways restrictions
Schedule 1 — Highways
 19.08Schedule 2 highways restrictions
Schedule 2 — Highways
 19.09Towing dolly restriction
 19.10Towing dolly restriction
 19.11Overload prohibition
 19.13Extraprovincial society
 19.14Prescribed entity
 19.15Transit bus — yield sign
 19.16Use of flashing yield
Schedule 3 — Yield Sign
 Division 20 — Motor Vehicle Dealers
Part 1 — Motor Vehicle Dealer Licences
Part 2 — Demonstration Licences
 20.31Surrender of demonstration licences and number plates
 20.32Failure to surrender licences and plates
 Division 21 — Short Term Licences
 21.02Short term licences
 Division 22 — Antique Motor Vehicles
 22.02Application for registration and licence
 22.03Licence and number plates
 Division 22A — Collector Motor Vehicles
 22A.02Licences established
 22A.04Use of licence and number plates for multiple vehicles
 Division 23 — Traffic Control Devices
 23.01Special interpretation
 23.02Schedule 1 signs authorized
 23.03Schedule 2 signs authorized
 23.05Traffic sign meanings
 23.06Non-schedule signs
 23.07Sign dimensions
 23.09Traffic signals
 23.10Electrically operated control signal
 23.11Protected/permissive left turn signal
 23.12Traffic sign changes
Schedule 1
Schedule 2
Schedule 3
Schedule 4
Schedule 5
 Division 24 — Vehicles of Unusual Size,
Weight or Operating Characteristics
Part 1 — Interpretation
Part 2 — Operation on a Highway
 24.02General restrictions and conditions
 24.02.01Liability insurance for exempt vehicles
 24.03Utility vehicles
 24.03.01Operating permits for industrial utility vehicles
 24.04Golf carts
 24.05Snowmobiles, snow vehicles, air cushion vehicles and all terrain vehicles
 24.06Neighbourhood zero emission vehicles
 24.07Grandparenting of neighbourhood zero emission vehicles
 24.08Illumination of lamps
 24.09Operation permit
Part 2.1 — Mobile Equipment
 24.09.01Mobile equipment
 24.09.02Rights and duties of operator of mobile equipment
Part 3 — Safety and Equipment Requirements
 24.11Neighbourhood zero emission vehicles
 24.12General lighting requirements
 24.13Flashing lamps
 24.14Reflective devices
 24.15Maintenance of lamps, lighting devices and reflectors
 24.16Sirens and theft alarms
 24.17Windshields and windows
 24.18Operation of a vehicle and trailer
 24.19Defects in pneumatic tires
 24.20Additional safety and equipment requirements
 24.21Exemption by director
Part 4 — General
 24.22General offence
 Division 25 — Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance
Part 1 — Inspection
 25.01Interpretation and application
 25.02Identification card
 25.03Identification plate
 25.04Use of identification cards and identification plates
 25.06Expired identification cards and identification plates
 25.07Limitation on driving without inspection certificate
 25.08Notifications and orders
 25.09Unauthorized inspection
 25.10No registration without valid inspection report
 25.11Change of contact information
 25.12General duties of operators of facilities
 25.14Inspection certificate
Part 2 — Maintenance and Records
Part 3 — Salvaged, Modified and Reconstructed Vehicles
 25.21Limitation on operation
 25.22Duties of authorized persons
Part 4 — Inspection of Motor Vehicles Imported into British Columbia
 25.25Limitation on registration
 25.26Required documentation
 25.27Duties of authorized persons
 25.28Inspection report
 25.29No registration without valid inspection report
Part 5 — General
 25.30Powers of peace officer
 25.32Grounds for cancellation of authorization
Schedule 1
Schedule 2
 Division 26
 Division 27 — Driver Training
 27.05Driver training school and instructor training facility security
 27.06Standards and obligations of driver training schools
 27.07Standards, qualifications and procedures for driver training instructor's licence applications
 27.08Obligations of driver training instructor
 27.09Driver training vehicles
 27.10Other requirements
 27.11Driver training course curriculum
 Division 28 — Point System
 28.01Point penalties on driving record
 Division 29 — Air Pollution Controls on Motor Vehicles
 29.04Crankcase emissions
 29.05Manufacturer to test vehicles
 29.06Exhaust emissions
 29.07Requirements for light or heavy vehicles
 29.08Procedures for selecting, testing and inspecting — gasoline powered light duty vehicles
 29.09Number of tests required
 29.10Hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide content — light vehicle
 29.11Selection of vehicles for durability testing
 29.12Requirements for durability testing
 29.13Procedures for selecting, testing and inspecting — gasoline powered heavy duty vehicles
 29.14Hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide content — heavy vehicles
 29.15Selection of vehicles for testing
 29.16Length of test
 29.17Composite value required
 29.18Procedure for calculation of composite value
 29.20Application to composite value
 29.21Procedures for selecting, testing and inspecting — diesel powered heavy duty vehicles
 29.23Number of tests required
 29.24Length of test
 29.25Composite value required
 29.26Procedure for calculation of composite value
 29.27Evaporative emissions
 29.28Application to composite value
 29.29Procedures for selecting, testing and inspecting — motor vehicles
 29.30Test sequence
 29.31Evaporative emissions
 29.32Number of tests required
 29.33Length of test
 29.34Composite value required
 29.35Procedure for calculation of composite value
 Division 30 — Drivers' Licences
 30.01Definitions and Interpretation
 30.02Prohibition on air brakes
 30.04Age of driver and expiry of learner's licence
 30.05Minimum driving experience, skills and other qualifications
 30.06Accompanying adult conditions and passenger restrictions for learner's licence
 30.07Hours-of-day restrictions for Class 6L, 7L and 8L licences
 30.071Accompanying adult conditions and passenger restrictions for Class 7 licence
 30.072Restriction on use of electronic device while driving
 30.08Speed and area restrictions for Class 6L and 8L licences
 30.09Minimum waiting periods imposed on learner's licences
 30.10New driver sign condition for Class 7L, 8L, 7 and 8 licences
 30.11No-alcohol restriction for Class 7L, 8L, 7 and 8 licences
 30.12Passenger and motor vehicle restrictions for Class 6 and 8 licences
 Division 30A — Drivers' Licences — Foreign Representatives
 30A.01Fee exemption
 30A.02Driver's licence testing exemptions
 Division 30B — Drivers' Licences — Canadian Citizenship
 30B.02Additional requirements for driver's licence
 30B.03Continuing requirements for driver's licence and cancellation
 Division 30C — Drivers' Licences — Exemption for
Non-Resident Temporary Workers
 30C.01Seasonal agricultural workers
 Division 30D — Drivers' Licences — Beneficiary under the Medicare Protection Act
 30D.01Prescribed categories
 30D.02Additional requirements for driver's licence
 Division 30E — Drivers' Licences — Medical Condition Statement for Compliance with International Agreement
 30E.02Prescribed international agreement
 30E.03Statement indicating certain medical conditions
 Division 31 — Trailers and Mobile Homes
 31.01CSA standards
 Division 32 — Seat Belt Assembly
 32.02Exemption — taxi driver
 32.03Exemption — taxi driver
 32.04Exemption — emergency vehicle
 32.05Exemption — sheriff escort vehicle
 Division 33 — Year-round Motor Vehicle Licence Renewal
 33.01Varied terms of licences
 Division 34 — Personalized Number Plates
 34.01Issuance of plates
 34.02Remission of fees
 34.03Application for plates
 34.04Restrictions on content
 34.05Restrictions on types of vehicles
 34.06Plates not transferable to another licensee
 34.07Plates transferable to another vehicle of licensee
 34.08Priority on character combination
 34.09Surrender of plates — reservation of character combination
 34.10Surrender of plates — no reservation of character combination
 34.11Reissuance where no surrender and no reservation
 34.12Replacement of lost or damaged plates
 Division 35 — Cargo Securement
 35.02Standard adopted
 35.03Prohibitions respecting equipment and cargo
 35.04Cargo securement
 35.05Transporting logs or poles
 35.06Covering of aggregate loads
 35.07Front end structures
 35.08Operating vehicles with insecure cargo prohibited
 35.09Carrying luggage in bus passenger compartments
 Division 36 — Child Seating and Restraint Systems
 36.02Exemption from the Act
 36.03Obligation on driver
 36.04Infant restraint systems
 36.05Child restraint systems
 36.06Booster seats and seat belt assemblies
 36.07Seat belt assemblies
 36.08Restraint systems for infants with special needs and children with mobility impairments
 Division 37 — Safety Code
Part 1 — Interpretation
Part 2 — Safety Certificate
 37.02Certificate required
 37.03Application for safety certificate
 37.04Issuance of safety certificate
 37.061Safety rating
 37.071Name of carrier to be marked on business vehicle
 37.072Notice of safety certificate number
Part 3 — Hours of Service
 37.11Application of this Part
 37.11.01Exemption for commercial motor vehicles of a certain weight
 37.12Responsibilities of carriers, shippers, consignees and drivers
 37.13Travelling as a passenger — off-duty time
 37.13.01Daily driving and on-duty time
 37.13.02Mandatory off-duty time
 37.13.03Daily off-duty time
 37.13.04Deferral of daily off-duty time
 37.15Logging truck hours
 37.15.01Oil well service vehicle hours
 37.16Splitting of daily off-duty time — single driver
 37.16.01Splitting of daily off-duty time — team of drivers
 37.16.03Cycle 1
 37.16.04Cycle 2
 37.16.05Cycle reset — off-duty time
 37.16.06Cycle switching — off-duty time
 37.17Exemption for commercial motor vehicles other than oil well service vehicles
 37.17.01Exemption by director in unforeseen event
 37.17.02Obligations of carrier with exemption
 37.17.03Emergencies and adverse driving conditions
 37.18Local time to be used in daily log
 37.18.01Requirement to fill out a daily log
 37.18.02Content of daily logs
 37.18.03Use of electronic recording devices
 37.18.04Possession of daily logs and supporting documents by drivers
 37.18.05Distribution and keeping of daily logs
 37.19Monitoring by carrier
 37.19.01Out-of-service declaration
 37.19.02Authority to enter premises for an inspection
 37.20Production of daily logs and supporting documents by driver
 37.20.01Production of daily logs and supporting documents by carrier
 37.21Obstruction of director or peace officer
Schedule 1
Schedule 2
Part 4 — Trip Inspection
 37.22Pre-trip and post-trip inspections
 37.23Trip inspection report
 37.24Multiple drivers
 37.25Delivery of report
 37.26Corrective action
 37.27Retention of records
Part 5 — Facility Audits
 37.28Application of this Part
 37.29Maintenance of records
 37.30Retention of records
 37.32Compliance review
 37.331Documents must be delivered
 37.34Carrier administered audit
Part 6 — Offences
 37.35Unsafe vehicle
 37.36False records
 37.38Operating a vehicle while under suspension
Part 7 — Required Documents
 37.39Bill of lading
 37.40Bills of lading — retention and filing
 37.41Bills of lading to be signed
 37.42Carriage and production of bills of lading
 37.43Records in lieu of bills of lading for certain commodities
 37.44General provisions as to bills of lading
 37.45Electronic bills of lading
 37.46Part lot shipments
 37.47Records of freight carried
 37.48Cargo insurance
 Division 38 — Disabled Persons' Parking Permits
 38.02Application for permit
 38.03Display of permit
 38.04Out of Province permits
 38.05Cancellation of disabled parking permits
 38.06Notification of loss or theft
 38.07Transitional provisions
 Division 39 — Road Safety
 39.01Passenger seating requirement
 39.02Driver responsibilities
 39.021Responsibilities of carrier, employer and owner
 39.04Seating for a child
 Division 40 — Motor Vehicle Emission Inspection and Maintenance
 40.03Certification plate and technician card
 40.04Emission inspection certification
 40.05Emission inspection procedure
 40.051Inspection criteria
 40.052Circumstances in which inspection criteria may be used
 40.06Emission control system repairs
 40.07Reinspection of motor vehicle
 40.08Conditional pass on reinspection
 40.10Application for recertification
 40.11Approved emission control devices
 40.12Used catalytic converter
 40.13Engine exchange
 40.14Replicar, replikit, specialty vehicle and ubilt
 40.15Automated safety inspection
 40.16Offence and penalty
 Division 40A — Heavy Vehicle Diesel Emission Inspections
 40A.01Interpretation and application
 40A.02Vehicles on highways must meet diesel emission standards
 40A.03Roadside diesel emission inspections
 Division 40B — Heavy Vehicle Diesel Emission Control Device
 40B.01Interpretation and application
 40B.02Emission control device required
 40B.03Director may exempt from requirement
 Division 41 — Speed Monitoring and Traffic Light Safety
 41.01Devices prescribed
 41.02Prescribed certificates
 41.03Fines for speeding offences
Schedule A
Schedule B
Schedule C
Schedule D
Schedule E
Schedule F
Schedule G
Schedule H
Schedule I
Schedule J
Schedule K
Schedule L
Schedule M
Schedule N
Schedule O
Schedule P
Schedule Q
Schedule R
Schedule S
Schedule T
Schedule U
Schedule V
Schedule W
 Division 42 — High Occupancy Vehicles
 42.02Rules for use of high occupancy lanes
 42.03Rules for use of high occupancy lanes — Trans-Canada Highway
 Division 43 — Administrative Driving Prohibition and
Vehicle Impoundment Programs
 43.01Notice of driving prohibition
 43.09Monetary penalties — automatic roadside driving prohibitions
Form 1
Forms 2 to 6
Form 7
 Division 44 — Mobility Aid Accessible Taxi Standards
 44.3CSA standard D409-92
 44.4Door and emergency exit requirements
 44.5Passenger seat quick-release
 44.6Inside height
 44.7Clearance requirements
 44.8Mobility aid securement and occupant restraint
 44.9Entry ramp requirement and standards
 Division 45 — Indefinite Licence Suspensions
 45.01Certificate of service
 Division 46 — Remedial Courses and Programs for Drivers
 Division 47 — Speed Limits and Traffic Rules
if Official Vehicle Parked on a Highway
 47.02When an official vehicle is stopped