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B.C. Reg. 611/76
O.C. 3496/76
Deposited December 6, 1976

Liquor Distribution Act

Liquor Distribution Regulation

Note: Check the Cumulative Regulation Bulletin 2015 and 2016
for any non-consolidated amendments to this regulation that may be in effect.

[includes amendments up to B. C. Reg. 368/80]

Prices: consuls, NATO forces, Ships' stores

1  The general manager may determine, as required, the price at which liquor may be sold by the Liquor Distribution Branch to

(a) masters or owners of any ocean going vessel or foreign yacht for the purpose of ships' stores; the quantity of liquor supplied will only be that deemed necessary by the Collector of Customs and Excise,

(b) representatives of Her Majesty's governments and of foreign countries as set forth by the regulations of the Department of National Revenue, Customs Division, established under item 706 of the Customs Tariff; liquor to be supplied for personal or official use only,

(c) NATO forces serving Canada under the provisions of Article IX of NATO Status of Forces agreement and section 24 of the Visiting Forces (North Atlantic Treaty) Act, in accordance with established quotas as set by the Department of National Revenue, Customs and Excise.

Sales: special orders

2  The general manager may demand a deposit on all orders and set the amount of each deposit.


3  Repealed. [B.C. Reg. 368/80.]

[Provisions of the Liquor Distribution Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 268, relevant to the enactment of this regulation: section 37]