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B.C. Reg. 447/83
O.C. 1897/83
Deposited December 1, 1983

Insurance (Vehicle) Act

Insurance (Vehicle) Regulation

Note: Check the Cumulative Regulation Bulletin 2015 and 2016
for any non-consolidated amendments to this regulation that may be in effect.

[includes amendments up to B.C. Reg. 126/2014, November 1, 2015]

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Part 1 — Interpretation
 1.1Universal compulsory vehicle insurance
Part 2 — Owner's Certificate
 3Application for owner's certificate
 4Interim owner's certificate
 5Term of certificate
 6Renewal of certificate
 7Interpretation Act
 8Leased vehicles
 9Mid-term changes
 10Effect of owner's certificate
Part 3 — Premiums for Universal Compulsory Vehicle Insurance
 Division 1 — Interpretation
 Division 2 — Premiums, Interest and Prior Debt
 15.2Interest on refunds
 15.4Rounding of premiums, refunds and discounts
 15.7Registrant liable for prior debt
 15.71Interest recovery on unpaid premium
 15.72Default in arrangement
 15.73Liability for unpaid amounts
 15.8Service charge
 Division 3 — Applications for Certificates
 18Declaration of entitlement
 19Premium for certificate
 Division 4
 Division 5
 Division 6
Part 4 — Driver's Certificates
 43Certificate incorporated in licence
 45Notice of assessment
 47Rounding and prorating of premiums and refunds
 48Application of other sections
 49.1Limit of liability
 49.2Priority of claims
 49.3Other coverage
 50Other insurance
Part 5 — Conditions of Certificate
 52Substitute vehicles
 53Leased vehicle coverage
 54Extension of coverage on seizure
 55Breach of conditions
 56.1Additional product certificate
 57Garage exclusion
 58.1Financial assistance
 59Waiver of term or condition
 60Ex gratia payments
 61Extraprovincial undertakings
Part 6 — Third Party Liability Insurance Coverage
 65Extension of indemnity
 66Extension of indemnity to passenger
 67Limit of liability
 68Priority of claims
 69Additional payments
 70Combination of vehicles
 72Restrictions on indemnity — attached equipment
 72.1Restrictions on indemnity
 73Duties of insured
 74Duties of corporation
 74.1Rights of corporation
 75Appointment of attorney
 77Other insurance
Part 7 — Accident Benefits
 79Coverage and benefits
 80Disability benefits for employed persons
 81Deduction of other benefits
 81.1Employment during total disability
 82Payments under Workers Compensation Act
 83Unemployment benefits
 84Disability benefits for homemakers
 85Waiting period
 86Disability beyond 104 weeks
 87Review of benefits
 88Medical or rehabilitation benefits
 90Power to terminate benefits for refusal to undergo treatment or training
 91Funeral expenses
 92Death benefits
 93Supplemental, additional and survivor's death benefits
 94Rules for payment of death benefits
 95Sixty day rule and common disaster
 96Restriction on benefits
 97Notice of claim
 98Medical certificates
 99Medical examination
 101Time of payment
 102Alteration of form of payment
 104Other insurance
Part 8 — Third Party Rights Occasioned by Uninsured
or Unidentified Motorists
 105Limit of liability
 106Exclusion of other insured loss
 107Conditions of liability
Part 9
Part 10 — First Party Coverage
 Division 1 — Inverse Liability and Uninsured or
Hit and Run Accidents Outside British Columbia
 147Inverse liability
 148Uninsured or hit and run accident in Nunavut, the Yukon, Northwest Territories or United States of America
 Division 2 — Underinsured Motorist Protection
 148.1Underinsured motorist protection
 148.2Restrictions on liability
 148.3Underinsured motorist protection for other certificate holders
 148.4Excluded vehicles
Part 11 — Additional Product Certificates
 149Compulsory additional products
 150Compulsory additional products for garage certificate
 150.1Garage certificates are primary insurance
 151Coverage for unnamed owner
 154Expiry date of additional product certificate
Part 12 — Fleetplan
 156Fleetplan application
 157Designation of fleet operator and fleet identity number
 158Disclosure of fleet identity number
 161Responsibility of fleet operator
 162Designated expiry month
 165Power of attorney
 166Cancellation of insurance on bankruptcy or winding up
 167Fleet premium adjustment
 168Fleet reporting policy
Part 13 — Optional Insurance Contracts
 169Application of terms and conditions
 170What must be printed on an extension policy
 170.1Rounding of premiums and refunds
 171Extended underinsured motorist protection
 172Payment of costs and interest
 173Rights of insurer
 174Exceptions from liability
 175Nuclear energy hazards
 176Disputes about vehicle loss or damage
 177Arbitration process
 178Priority of claims
 179Other priorities
Part 14 — Vehicle Actions
 180Net income loss
Part 15 — Lessor Liability
 181When section 82.1 (1) of the Act does not apply
Schedules 1 and 2
Schedule 3
Schedule 3.1
Schedule 4
Schedules 5 and 6
Schedule 7
Schedules 8 and 9
Schedule 10