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B.C. Reg. 229/2005
O.C. 463/2005
Deposited June 22, 2005
This consolidation is current to July 25, 2017.
See the Cumulative B.C. Regulations Bulletin 2017
for amendments effective after July 25, 2017.
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Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Committees of the
Executive Council Regulation

[includes amendments up to B.C. Reg. 1/2016, January 15, 2016]


1  The following committees are designated under section 12 (5) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act:

(a) Agenda and Priorities Committee;

(b) Treasury Board;

(c) Legislative Review Committee;

(d) Environment and Land Use Committee;

(e) the following Government Caucus Committees:

(i) Natural Resources and Economy;

(ii) Social Development;

(f) Repealed. [B.C. Reg. 241/2007.]

(g) Cabinet Committee on Climate Action and Clean Energy;

(h) Cabinet Committee on New Relationship Coordination;

(i) Cabinet Committee on Early Childhood Education Innovations;

(j) Cabinet Committee on Economy;

(k) Cabinet Committee on Jobs and Economic Growth;

(l) Cabinet Committee on Families First;

(m) Cabinet Committee on Open Government and Engagement;

(n) Priorities and Planning Committee;

(o) Cabinet Committee on Jobs and Skills Training;

(p) Cabinet Working Group on Family Affordability;

(q) Cabinet Committee on Secure Tomorrow;

(r) Cabinet Committee on Strong Economy;

(s) Cabinet Working Group on Core Review;

(t) Cabinet Working Group on Liquefied Natural Gas;

(u) Cabinet Working Group on Mental Health;

(v) Cabinet Working Group on Climate Leadership.

[am. B.C. Regs. 299/2005; 73/2007; 241/2007; 278/2007; 246/2008; 260/2009; 311/2010; 50/2011; 259/2012; 189/2013; 246/2015; 1/2016.]

[Provisions relevant to the enactment of this regulation: Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 165, section 12]