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This Act has "Not in Force" sections. See the Table of Legislative Changes.

Community Charter

[SBC 2003] CHAPTER 26

Assented to May 29, 2003

Part 1 — Principles, Purposes and Interpretation
 1 Principles of municipal governance
 2 Principles of municipal-provincial relations
 3 Purposes of Act
 4 Broad interpretation
 5 Definitions and other interpretation rules
Part 2 — Municipal Purposes and Powers
 Division 1 — Purposes and Fundamental Powers
 6 Municipalities and their councils
 7 Municipal purposes
 8 Fundamental powers
 9 Spheres of concurrent authority
 Division 2 — Scope of Jurisdiction
 10 Relationship with Provincial laws
 11 Area of jurisdiction
 Division 3 — Ancillary Powers
 12 Authority to establish variations, terms and conditions
 13 Services outside municipality
 13.1 Services within treaty lands
 14 Intermunicipal service, regulatory and other schemes
 15 Licensing and standards authority
 16 Authority to enter on or into property
 17 Municipal action at defaulter's expense
 18 Authority to discontinue providing a service
 19 Requirements for security to be paid to municipality
 20 Emergency powers
Part 3 — Additional Powers and Limits on Powers
 Division 1 — Partnering and Other Agreements
 21 Partnering agreements
 22 Agreements granting exclusive or limited franchises
 23 Agreements with other public authorities
 Division 2 — Restrictions on Providing Assistance
 24 Publication of intention to provide certain kinds of assistance
 25 General prohibition against assistance to business and exceptions
 Division 3 — Municipal Property
 26 Notice of proposed property disposition
 27 Exchange or other disposal of park land
 28 Disposal of water systems, sewage systems and other utilities
 29 Municipal ownership of subdivision park land
 30 Reservation and dedication of municipal property
 Division 4 — Expropriation and Compensation
 31 General expropriation power
 32 Authority to enter on and use property
 33 Compensation for expropriation and other actions
 34 Appropriation of stream channel or bed without compensation
 Division 5 — Highways
 35 Ownership and possession of highways
 36 General authority in relation to highways
 37 Intermunicipal boundary highways
 38 Temporary traffic restriction and traffic control
 39 Additional powers in relation to highways
 40 Permanent closure and removal of highway dedication
 41 Restrictions in relation to highway disposition, closure or alteration
 42 Agreements respecting compensation for extraordinary traffic
 43 Agreements respecting municipal equipment on utility poles
 44 Agreements to reserve land for highway purposes
 45 Highway construction and dikes
 46 Use of highways and public places
 Division 6 — Animal Control
 47 Classes of animals
 48 Seizure and related powers
 49 Special powers in relation to dangerous dogs
 Division 7 — Authority in Relation to Trees
 50 Restrictions in relation to authority
 51 Compensation not payable
 52 Right to reconsideration by council
 Division 8 — Building Regulation
 53 General authority in relation to buildings and other structures
 54 Building permits and occupancy permits
 55 Requirement for professional certification
 56 Requirement for geotechnical report
 57 Note against land title that building regulations contravened
 58 Cancellation of note against land title
 Division 9 — Business Regulation
 59 Powers to require and prohibit
 60 Business licence authority
 61 Restriction on authority to require examination or certification
 Division 10 — Other Spheres
 62 Public place powers
 63 Protection of persons and property
 64 Nuisances, disturbances and other objectionable situations
 65 Signs and other advertising
 Division 11 — Other Powers
 66 Fire chief powers
 67 Disposal of property in police possession
 68 Restriction on authority to fluoridate
 69 Specific authority in relation to drainage, sewage and dikes
 70 Drainage control
 71 Orders and awards respecting drainage or reclamation works
 Division 12 — Remedial Action Requirements
 72 Council may impose remedial action requirements
 73 Hazardous conditions
 74 Declared nuisances
 75 Harm to drainage or dike
 76 Time limit for compliance
 77 Notice to affected persons
 78 Person affected may request reconsideration by council
 79 Shorter time limits in urgent circumstances
 80 Recovery of municipal costs through sale of property
Part 4 — Public Participation and Council Accountability
 Division 1 — Elections, Petitions and Community Opinion
 81 Election proceedings
 82 Petitions to council
 83 Council may seek community opinion
 Division 2 — Approval of the Electors
 84 Approval of the electors
 85 Assent of the electors
 86 Alternative approval process
 87 Matters requiring approval or assent may be combined
 88 Agreements requiring approval or assent
 Division 3 — Open Meetings
 89 General rule that meetings must be open to the public
 90 Meetings that may or must be closed to the public
 91 Other persons attending closed meetings
 92 Requirements before meeting is closed
 93 Application of rules to other bodies
 Division 4 — Public Notice and Access to Records
 94 Requirements for public notice
 95 Public access to municipal records
 96 Agreements that require elector approval or assent
 97 Other records to which public access must be provided
 Division 5 — Reporting
 98 Annual municipal report
 99 Annual meeting on report
 Division 6 — Conflict of Interest
 100 Disclosure of conflict
 101 Restrictions on participation if in conflict
 102 Restrictions on inside influence
 103 Restrictions on outside influence
 104 Exceptions from conflict restrictions
 105 Restrictions on accepting gifts
 106 Disclosure of gifts
 107 Disclosure of contracts with council members and former council members
 108 Restrictions on use of insider information
 108.1 Disqualification from office for contravening conflict rules
 109 Court order for person to give up financial gain
 Division 7 — Challenge of Council Member Qualification for Office
 110 Disqualifications to which this Division applies
 111 Application to court for declaration of disqualification
 112 Status of person subject to an application
 113 Costs of an application
Part 5 — Municipal Government and Procedures
 Division 1 — Council Roles and Responsibilities
 114 Council as governing body
 115 Responsibilities of council members
 116 Responsibilities of mayor
 117 Duty to respect confidentiality
 118 Size of council
 119 Term of office for council members
 120 Oath or affirmation of office
 121 Resignation from office
 Division 2 — Council Proceedings
 122 Exercise of powers by bylaw or resolution
 123 General voting rules
 124 Procedure bylaws
 125 Council meetings
 126 Calling of special council meetings
 127 Notice of council meetings
 128 Electronic meetings and participation by members
 129 Quorum for conducting business
 130 Designation of member to act in place of mayor
 131 Mayor may require council reconsideration of a matter
 132 Authority of presiding member
 133 Expulsion from meetings
 134 Authority to compel witnesses
 134.1 Meetings and hearings outside municipality
 Division 3 — Bylaw Procedures
 135 Requirements for passing bylaws
 136 When a bylaw comes into force
 137 Power to amend or repeal
 138 Municipal codes and other general bylaws
 139 Consolidation of bylaws
 140 Revision of bylaws
 Division 4 — Committees, Commissions and Other Bodies
 141 Standing committees of council
 142 Select committees of council
 143 Municipal commissions
 144 Authority to rescind appointment
 145 Application of procedure rules to other bodies
 Division 5 — Officers and Employees
 146 Officer positions
 147 Chief administrative officer
 148 Corporate officer
 149 Financial officer
 150 General employment matters
 151 Suspension of officers and employees
 152 Termination of officers
 153 Prohibition against interfering with municipal officers and employees
 Division 6 — Delegation
 154 Delegation of council authority
 155 Special rules respecting delegation of hearings and other proceedings
 156 Reconsideration of delegate's decisions
 Division 7 — Other Matters
 157 Municipal days of recognition
 158 Freedom of the municipality
 159 Notice to municipality
 160 Notice by municipality: obligation satisfied if reasonable effort made
 161 Court order allowing substituted service
 162 Certified copies of municipal records
 163 Evidence of municipal bylaws and other records
Part 6 — Financial Management
 Division 1 — Financial Planning and Accountability
 164 Fiscal year
 165 Financial plan
 166 Public process for development of financial plan
 167 Annual financial statements
 168 Reporting of council remuneration, expenses and contracts
 Division 2 — Audit
 169 Municipal auditor
 170 Audit committee
 171 Auditor's reports
 172 Complaints to council or auditor about financial affairs
 Division 3 — Expenditures, Liabilities and Investments
 173 Limit on expenditures
 174 Limit on borrowing and other liabilities
 175 Liabilities under agreements
 176 Liabilities imposed under prescribed enactments
 177 Revenue anticipation borrowing
 178 Short term capital borrowing
 179 Loan authorization bylaws for long term borrowing
 180 Elector approval required for some loan authorization bylaws
 181 Temporary borrowing under loan authorization bylaw
 182 Municipal financing through regional district
 183 Investment of municipal funds
 184 Property accepted in trust
 185 Ownership of corporations
 186 Self insurance
 187 Indemnification against proceedings
 Division 4 — Reserve Funds
 188 Establishment of reserve funds
 189 Use of money in reserve funds
 Division 5 — Restrictions on Use of Municipal Funds
 190 Purposes for which borrowed money may be used
 191 Liabilities for use of money contrary to Act
Part 7 — Municipal Revenue
 Division 1 — General
 192 General revenue sources
 193 Authority for fees and taxes
 193.1 Interest calculation
 Division 2 — Fees
 194 Municipal fees
 195 Fees in relation to soil removal and deposit
 196 Fees in relation to fire and security alarm systems
 Division 3 — Property Value Taxes
 197 Annual property tax bylaw
 198 Assessment averaging and phasing options
 199 Property tax rates regulations
 Division 4 — Parcel Taxes
 200 Parcel tax bylaw
 201 Property subject to parcel tax
 202 Parcel tax roll for purpose of imposing tax
 203 Content of parcel tax roll
 204 Parcel tax roll review panel
 205 Review panel to hear complaints and make corrections
 206 Authentication of parcel tax roll
 207 Appeal to Supreme Court from review panel decision
 208 Updating the parcel tax roll
 209 Validity of parcel tax roll
 Division 5 — Local Service Taxes
 210 Authority for local area services
 211 Requirements for establishing a local area service
 212 Petition for local area service
 213 Local area service on council initiative — subject to petition against
 214 Local area service on council initiative — subject to elector assent
 215 Business improvement areas
 216 Local service taxes
 217 Borrowing in relation to a local area service
 218 Enlargement or reduction of local service area
 219 Merging of local service areas
 Division 6 — Statutory Exemptions
 220 General statutory exemptions
 221 Grandparented pollution abatement exemptions
 221.1 Grandparented dust and particulate matter eliminator exemptions
 222 Phased farm property tax exemption
 223 Exemptions under regulations
 Division 7 — Permissive Exemptions
 224 General authority for permissive exemptions
 225 Partnering, heritage, riparian and other special exemption authority
 226 Revitalization tax exemptions
 227 Notice of permissive tax exemptions
 Division 8 — Tax Liability of Occupiers
 228 Taxation of Crown land used by others
 229 Taxation of municipal land used by others
 230 Taxation of occupier of exempt land
 Division 9 — General Revenue Collection Authority
 231 Recovery of taxes and fees
 232 Collection agreements with other taxing authorities
 Division 10 — Property Tax Due Dates and Tax Notices
 232.1 Definition and application of section 160
 233 Options for tax due dates
 234 General tax collection scheme
 235 Alternative municipal tax collection scheme
 236 Owner may elect which scheme to use
 237 General tax notices
 238 Persons may request copies of tax notices
 Division 11 — Adjustments to Taxes
 239 Interest on overpayment of taxes
 240 Adjustments for assessment changes
 241 Taxation based on supplementary roll
 242 Apportionment of property value taxes if land subdivided
 243 Apportionment of parcel taxes if land subdivided
 Division 12 — Payment of Taxes
 244 Application of tax payments
 245 Taxes in arrear
 246 Delinquent taxes
 247 Treatment of outstanding taxes on subdivision or cancellation of subdivision
 248 Statement of outstanding taxes
 249 Certificate of outstanding taxes
 Division 13 — Recovery of Taxes
 250 Taxes are a special charge on the land
 251 Liability of assessed owner
 252 Recovery of taxes by the legal remedy of distress
 253 Power to accept real property in place of taxes
 254 Tax sales
 255 Notice of delinquent taxes on Crown land
 256 Recovery of taxes on Crown land subject to an agreement for sale
 257 Recovery of taxes on Crown land held under lease or licence
 Division 14 — Recovery of Special Fees
 258 Special fees may be collected as property taxes
 259 Special fees that are liens against property
Part 8 — Bylaw Enforcement and Related Matters
 Division 1 — Bylaw Enforcement
 260 Enforcement powers
 261 Payment of fines and other penalties to municipality
 262 Recovery of penalty and costs by legal remedy of distress
 Division 2 —  Offence Act Prosecutions
 263 Penalties in relation to Offence Act prosecutions
 263.1 Additional sentencing powers in relation to Offence Act prosecutions
 Division 3 — Ticketing for Bylaw Offences
 264 Ticket offences
 265 Penalties in relation to ticket offences
 266 Laying information and serving ticket
 267 Choice of paying fine or disputing ticket
 268 Effect of paying fine
 269 Hearing of dispute
 270 Failure to appear at hearing
 271 Failure to respond to ticket
 272 Time extensions if person not at fault in failing to respond or appear
 273 Regulations in relation to ticket offences
 Division 4 — Enforcement by Civil Proceedings
 274 Actions by municipality
 Division 5 — Other Matters
 275 Entry warrants
Part 9 — Governmental Relations
 Division 1 — Provincial-Municipal Relations
 276 Required consultations
 277 Consultation agreements
 278 Enforcement of obligations
 279 No forced amalgamations
 Division 2 — Provincial Regulations
 280 Regulations providing exemptions from approval requirements
 281 Regulations providing additional powers and exceptions
 282 General regulation authority
 283 Variation authority
 Division 3 — Dispute Resolution
 284 Request for assistance in relation to intergovernmental dispute
 285 Voluntary binding arbitration
 286 Mandatory binding arbitration
 287 Final proposal arbitration
 288 Full arbitration
 289 General provisions regarding arbitration process
 290 Implementation of arbitrator's decision
 291 Regulations respecting arbitrations
 292 Commencement